My name is Jacquelyn and my birthdate is September 23, 1968.  Lately I have been having no luck at all with men but I do have a male friend who has stuck by my side through thick and thin and he has been very good to me.  Whenever I am feeling down he has a way of bringing me back up.  His name is Warren and his birthdate is September 10, 1960.  I want so much to be with him but my present circumstances prevent this from happening.  Could you please give me some insight pertaining to my situation?  Thank you!

ANSWER: Are you currently in a relationship with Warren? Or another person? Or are you single?

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QUESTION: I am currently going through a divorce but Warren and I are very close and we have never been sexually intimate with one another.

There's an ambience of positiveness in your friendship with Warren, which has the potential of developing into love based feelings. The balance between both of you feels great, a give and take of equal proportion; i.e. I'm feeling Warren feels the same about you, as you do about him :) Especially for you, I have felt to see what develops in 6 months to a years time... but here is something strange; I strongly suggest you to listen to your intuition when talking with Warren; if you suspect anything at all - just communicate directly with him, I am feeling the strong need for you not to assume anything for trust takes time to develop, don't be in a rush to get to a destination where you ignore all the red flags. If you need further guidance, please refer to my website if you wish.


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