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Ariel and Ashley
Ariel and Ashley  
QUESTION: My name is ashley born on march 25, 1992 and my boyfriends name is jose ariel born on october 3, 1992. He lives in the Dominican Republic and I live in USA, NJ. We have been in a serious relationship for 1year and 9months now and have grown very close. I have visited him plenty of times. We are currently going through a k-1 visa so that he can come to the USA and be together without the distance. so far everything has gone great and we are at the last step which is the interview. The interview will be on November 6, 2012. That day they will interview the both of us to make sure its not a false relationship which it isn't. My question is will the Dominican Consulate approve his visa so that he can finally come and join me to start our lives together here in the US.  If not can you please tell me how much longer until he comes.

Thank you for your time :)

ANSWER: yes i do feel good about this andf i feel a good soulmate coonection between u and this man!! hang in there dear youll be fine..

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QUESTION: Thanks for the answer but I forgot to ask you two more things.1) do you see him coming next month or december because that is when he is supposed to be coming and 2) does he have somebody else in dominican republic because this girl from a random Facebook told me supposedly he has been with another girl named stephanie and that they are always together.

Thanks :)

He will come close to christmas. And sorry to say he does have someone in DR but in his mind its just physical and means nothing. But u see dear this is not the 1st time u have been through this. This seems to be a cycle with u Not that u have had a very busy love life But u alwYs end up hurt and u dont know why. After all u give 100% to a man Are loving loyal and intelligent to him. We need to talk live because there are some energies around u that arw not all good. And thats what is causing this. We can go to msn messenger get back with me with ur email ill add u and tell u more! :)  


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