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Hello my name is Jaime and my bdate is sept 12, 1979.  All this yr I have worked on inner healing and am starting to see things in a different perspective. I have also finally cut the strings with my ex bf as well (I am female). I was also married for 8 yrs to someone who I was not compatible with and had lessons to learn. My question to you is will I finally meet someone whom I can have a long term relationship with? Thank you for your time if you are able to answer.


As this is in the question pool, I'm answering.

It does sound like you've had a traumatic time Jaime but it's definitely very positive that you're searching within yourself for answers, shows us what kind of a person you really are :) I feel he's an introvert, quite reserved but works quite hard in his career. He's a practical kind of guy, so would suit you perfectly. He has these wonderful ideas which he makes into something, he thinks too much, so no doubt he too would have done the introspective analysis of himself before meeting you. He's not a spontaneous kind of guy, this doesn't mean he's boring, just that he's a slow thinker (and this is good) explains why you aren't meeting him just yet too! :) Further details at true love.


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