I haven't  had a real relationship in a while. Since the last time I was in one and was cheated, I just haven't been looking for one. I want to have a real relationship with someone now. I feel lil I have taken my time and myself is now ready to meet someone new. I feel like I have to have a relationship to do anything otherwise I'm at home doing chores or being drag to my younger siblings sporting events. I was wondering if there is any hope in the near future that I will have a relationship soon.

Dear Savannah
I saw your question in the question pool and it somehow moved me, so I took it and am answering..

There seems to have been some relationship in your past, indeed, but this man was not for you. You need to breathe and laugh, and he does not seem this kind of type..

For the now, and in the near future you seem to be getting to know you again, and realizing what you really want, a man who will be matching who you really are and a relationship that will not be a social or family compromise.

I have the feeling that it is your position in your family that is impending your emotional 'growth', or to put it better your emotional independence, and thus is keeping you away from a serious relationship. This means  you need to 'detach' yourself from the family everyday routine, in the sense that this should not be your own life, you should create a life of your own, your own friends, your own ways of having a nice time, your own interests.

When you do all this, and mostly when you stop being affected by the others' opinion of you and what you should do (I have the feeling that they are criticising you and thus you lack self-confidence) there will come an important man for you.

There is one possibility around the end of November, but perhaps it is a little too soon. Not sure you will be ready for this. Summer seems to suit you better, you 'glow' differently in summer. Somewhere at the end of July, this summer or the next depending on the work you will do with yourself so as to create a life of your own that you will enjoy and be proud of.

wishing you the best, and all the luck
be well


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