QUESTION: My name is Chris, birthdate is 02-25-62.  There is a man, his name is James, birthdate 05-4-1964 and we were involved a few years back but then he ended the romantic part.  We still continued to talk now and then.  I just wanted to know if I were to contact him, would he still want to talk to me and if he ever thinks about me.  Thank you.

ANSWER: for my information, are you female or male? thanks.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry about that I am female.

No worries Chris, I get confused, better to ask from my part - and YES :) he does think of you both from that previous relationship, I'm getting a strong energy of reminiscing from his part. But please do bear in mind Chris that this could still go either way. Any one of the following insights can help you, if you wish... arranged in price order, lowest first

1. how to let go of James completely from your life?
2. how does James really feel about you
3. should you wait for James to decide or should you find someone else new?
4. what is in your way of finding happiness?
5. how James feels about being with you again?  


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