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I am 21 years old, and a year and a half ago I made the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy. Before I even missed my period, I knew I was pregnant, both physically and an intuition I had. Through out the pregnancy, and during the termination, I'd get this pulling sensation in my lower right pelvic area. A year and a half later, I still get this sensation every so often. This leads me to think that my child is still with me in some way. My question is whether or not her soul (not sure on gender, but she was always a girl to me) is actually with me, and if she has continued to grow and age since termination?

Hello Melinda, thank you for contacting me. I'm sure the decision to terminate your pregnancy was a very difficult one and it's understandable that it continues to be something you feel and wonder about. Let's deal with the physical sensation first.
It is not unusual for people to feel sensations yet the thing being senses is not longer physically present. It's a very complicated area and has to do with the area of our brain responsible for memory. To put it simply, its a sensation memory. Its the same kind of thing that people experience when a limb is removed - the limb is not there but people can still feel pain it - it's actually the pain-memory that is being re-activated. I'm not comparing limb removal to termination but I just mean to give some practical comparison that will help you more esaily understand the nature of the sensations you have. The point is that it is quite normal. Please do not imagine or worry that the spirit of the terminated foetus is somehow haunting your insides etc - this is just not the case. What you are experiencing is very physiological and normal, not paranormal.
Now lets go beyond the physical.
Even though the pregnancy was terminated, your daughter really was that and all that has actually happened is that that particular decision to be born into this physical environment was halted and re-routed. The consciousness that was your daughter (and that is a history you will always share) has been re-expressed physically, and your daughter is born. Its not like we get one chance to be born and that's it. Everything that lives, before it is physical is non-physical conscioussness and it is a choice to be born and being born means to express that consciousness in a physical way. When that process is interupted for whatever reason, the consciousness returns to it's full non-physical state and a new decision is made. By accepting and knowing that your daughter merely returned to non-physical and thereby made another choice to be born ohysical, your daughter wishes you to understand the eternal and evolving nature of life. In the millions of years of evolution of the universe and living species, the difference between weeks as a foetus and 90 years of physical life is barely any difference at all. When we die - which is only a transition from physical form to non-physical consciousness, the only thing ever lost is the present moment. Your daughter has a lovely memory of being a foetus with you, a time that is deeply appreciated, you have a history. It's something that, for the rest of your life, you can remember with tenderness and feel pleased that your daughter merely re-routed her desire to be physical.
What matters most is that you, accepting your own eternal nature and knowing that you also chose to be born, live the rest of your life with joy and appreciation for all that is.
Everything is very much OK Melinda and although there are many around who, given the opportunity, would prefer you feel and traumatised, you know that you understand what they don't and you don't take any notice of them, not now or ever.
To get back to the body again, if the lower right pelvic pain is increases in frequency, gets more painful or is accompanied by any other symptom, for example, fever or neausea, then you must get yourself checked by a physician.
I hope I have been able to shed some useful light on your situation and I wish you all the very best for a bright and lovely future. Roy Pierce  


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