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Hello. My name is Octavia (2/25/1988) I recently met this young man Andrew (12/8/1983), we were seeing each other for about a month and everything was going great. I was working my way toward commitment to him. Unfortunately, we had a huge dispute and are no longer talking but I miss him dearly. Are we going to reconcile?

Hi Octavia. This is not the first time you have been through this but I feel it will be the last time and I say that in a positive way. Meaning, I feel a very strong connection between you and this person and could possibly be soulmates. But things have changed and you do not feel the security that you are wanting to feel but neither you or this man is controlling this. There is an underline influence that is causing some division here lately. I cannot feel everything through here but add me on MSN messenger and we can speak further if you like and I will also be able to pick up stronger on yours and his energies.  


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