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I want to contact my angels and my spirit guides. I'm not good at guided meditation, I meditate better in ''here and now''. Pleasse tell me how to contact my guides/angels? Please give me a message from them about this. My dob is 18 september 1982. My name is Adrian, male. Thank you. Many blessings.

Dear Adrian,
first of all allow me to thank you for trusting me, asking this question of your soul.
Re your reading here is what I feel:
You are a man who can successfully (but not without any personal cost -tiredness mainly, and meaningful but sometimes difficult human relationships) balance your spirituality with the practicality you need to have in order to be grounded in your every day life.
This means that you possess a powerful intuitive nature, but also a strong will to stand on your own two feet in your life.
I am stressing this point as there seems to be, really, an open channel between you and your spirit guides. They seem to have already contacted you, but it was not through meditation, it was through some piece of work. Meaning that there is something you do (artistic? something using your own hands? writing? it could even be contact with nature like gardening, as plants and trees really are aethereal souls) through which your angels have already sent you some messages.
This is their message for you, that you have already felt their presence in your life through some sort of a creation you are involved in.
However, there are two things you can do in order to have a different experience.
The one is to pray to your angels before falling asleep. Ask for their divine presence and guidance, at the same time sending blessings and love to all those who are a part of your life, and to the whole world. You can use the following words, or something similar of your own making:
"Dear Divine beings, kind entities, carriers of love and Good, please soothe and protect all my beloved ones, and all those who need you. Please come to my dream tonight and show me some sign of your divine presence and guidance."
After doing that you will see some sign of their presence, if not at the first night, it will be so soon.
The second thing you can do is choose a tree that appeals to you, a tree that you feel some untold connection with, and sit down on the ground with your back on its trunk. Just let yourself relax for some moments, empty your mind and feel one with the tree, let it touch your soul, and see what happens.
These were my feelngs for you dear friend,
I feel you will soon have some tangible messages from your angels/ spirit guides.
I will be happy to read your news.
be well, healthy and happy


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