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I want to contact my angels and my spirit guides. I'm not good at guided meditation, I meditate better in ''here and now''. Please give me a message from them about this. Please tell me how to contact them? Thank you. Many blessings.

ANSWER: As this is in the question pool, I am answering. Let me know if you will like this question answered. If yes, then please provide your birth year. If not, au revoir.

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QUESTION: My birth year is 1982. Thank you very much.

Hi Adrian, so bearing in mind my free service on here is only love-based readings, I am making a HUGE exception for you :) so I would appreciate a thank you in the form of rating, always nice to hear a thank you (seeing as most don't)

Spirit Guides are saying that there is fear within you, where is it originating from? Is there something you are ignoring, that you shouldn't be and this ignorance is causing you to feel stuck and this is projected as fear which makes you unable to move forward. Realize that you are the one blocking your path by being so rigid in thinking. If you become more flexible then you will find yourself in a more balanced state to be more aware - then you can flow naturally and get into contact with Spirit yourself.  


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Hello :) I will need your First Name & Birth year, and any others involved in your question - brief answer given - questions that will be rejected (baby! health! I am single, when will I get married!). Paid readings available


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