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My dad passed away in '08.  I just felt the need to kinda see how he is, or if there is anything he needs to tell me or just if things will be okay here on my end.  
I little silly but something made me ask this so Im here.
Thank you so much!

Hello Deb, I find your question very sensible, why wouldn't you want to connect with your dad? Far better to do this than sit in grief and loss.
Let me shed a bit of light on this whole death thing that we humans get so hung-up about, and then we can talk about your dad. I say humans- becuase the animals on this planet are far better at coping than we are - even knowing that most of them are going to be eaten by something else.
Anyway, here we go...
There are two realities - a physical one which you and me and the stuff of the universe, then there is a non-physical one. The physical stuff comes from non-physical, everything is a consciouss thought made into a physical thing. Look around your room and everything you see existed as a thought before it was made.
Being born is the process of non-physical consciouss energy expressing itself in a physical way.
Dying is when we make a transition form physical back to non-physical conscioussness. The physical form has a sell-by date, our concsioussness, which is eternal, does not. Our life experience causes our conscioussness to expand not just as individuals but also as a species. The conscioussness that is you is individual - you will always be you and there is no end to who you are but at this moment in time a part of you in expressed in physical form and your experiences in life are cuasing you to evolve and expand.

Your dad is concsiouss, non-physical, individual energy who is present but not restricted by 3-dimensional physical reality. You and I are restricted and most humans are so good at fixating on the physical reality that they dont' notice or don't even accept that there is something else. The realtionship between physical and non-physical is a bit like radio waves. Each rality transmits at a certain frequency but for the most part, the physical frequency is too far removed such that humans cant har what is being broadcast. if your radio dial is set at 99.9FM and you want to listen to something on 86.5AM then, with all the best will in the world, you just can't hear it - the frequncies are too far apart.

The best way for you to understand your relationship with your dad is to think about both of you in terms of frequencies. If you want to connect with him then you have to tune up - you have to get your mind in a place that is as free as possible form the demands of the 3 dimensional physcial world. This is why people meditate, pray, relax - there are all sorts of things around but they all aim to do the same thing - tune you in.

So.... after all that! your dad is MORE than OK. His blissful creative non-physical existence is far more brilliant than you can imagine in your physical form AND he is still loving you AND he is always present to you AND you can tune into him whenever you wish. What he isn't doing is controlling your life. He is not hovering over your shoulder like a guarding angel waiting to push you out the way the next time you step out infront of a bus! You are on your own with the bus, lol, as indeed we all are, but he is cheering for you and when life causes you to desire something and expand then he is in the fulfilment of that desire and calling you to it. It's a dumb word maybe but it's kind of like cheer-leading, all the support in the world but you gotta play the actual game. The one thing I interpret that your dad wants you to know is that you are eternal, there just is no end to who you are - only a sell-by date on your physical form. In this sense he wants you to understand that you simply can;t get your life wrong, there is no clock ticking against you. The worse you could do is make choices that brings about a situation that you don't like BUT then it will help you know more clearly what you do like and what you do want and off you go again but with greater knowledge, greater clarity of who you are and greater focus. Your dad wants you to have a blast and not factor into your dreams what other people think and feel - only you know what you want and it's just none of anyone else's business. Dad is cheering for you every step of the way and you will sense the energy of his presence in many ways - like a rush of electricity through the toaster when you switch it on. You can speak to your dad with your mind anytime you want but far far more importantly, your dad wants you to have the delicious and thrilling life experience you came to have and deserve.

You said you felt silly to ask your question but I promise you Deb, your question taps into the most important questions and experiences any human could have. I don't know if I have answered your question fully but I sincerely hope that I have been able to say a few things that at least help shed some light on your question. If you feel I may be able to help you further then please come back to me. Please also accept my very best wishes ... and watch out for those buses! lol. Roy Pierce  


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As an ordained minister, I have had 15 years experience in dealing with bereavement and bereaved people. Many have asked if it is possible to contact deceased people. I beleive it is possible for anyone to contact any non-physical reality and I have helped many people do this from different cultures, religions and countries.

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