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Psychics/Fell in love with a man a continent away


QUESTION: Hi, I fell in love with a colleague who currently is in the russian branch of our company. The spark has been there (for me at least) since the first phone call when i came to the company. We have been keeping contact daily through company e-mails, but also personally through facebook, basically every day or every other day since we met.   

Will this evolve into something more serious? And can I do something to make it happen?

ANSWER: your gender Moire? your birth year?
Man's first name? Man's birth year?
Are you currently in a relationship? Or are you single?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry, I'm single and female, born 1989 - His first name is Zdeněk and he was born 1979.

Thanks! :)

Kindly note my profile states "I do not promise to answer your question in this brief reply, I will only give you what I receive at that moment"

Receiving..Zdeněk is becoming a love obsession to you, as he's an older man so there's a feeling of experimental here. Ideas that are changing traditions, for the worse, and is it following Zdeněk's orders? that I am feeling... I feel Moire that you are in denial of what is really happening between both of you, you are wearing rose colored glasses and not seeing the truth of what's really happening between both. Further details, $13 Feelings for you to know Zdeněk's feelings.  


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