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I would like to know if my grandmother is ever with me in my room or other places.

Hello Jillian, thank you for contacting me. My grandma  - my dad’s mum – was the most special person to me, there is something extra extra lovely about grandmothers. I like the way you put your question too because it taps directly into a an important point, if the deceased are still with us in some way then in what way are they present?

Let’s look generally about how all this works and then we can talk about your grandma.
I don’t say the following is the best analogy in the world but it kind of works because it’s easy to grasp. Try and imagine everything like a radio wave – there is a radio box and then there is a transmission. You can see the box but not the transmission. Both, however, are equally real. We know from physics and the science world that everything is energy and that energy can only be transformed, not destroyed. In fact, this is one of the few things that the scientific community actually agree about among themselves. So, everything is energy, no exceptions, from galaxies to the one-celled ameba in the ocean.  Energy can be physical which means we can touch and see and test it in our 3-dimensional world, or it can be non-physical, which means we cannot. We are exclusively built to experience reality through 3 dimensions and it serves us well but it is limited. Non-physical reality is not restricted to dimensions. When we ,as physical beings, encounter non-physical we necessarily have to make an interpretation of that energy – we just have to translate it into something our 3 dimensional systems can understand and the brain does this in split seconds. From this, comes the whole world of ghosts, and spirits and demons and angels and all that kind of stuff. Its an interpretation of a point of contact and it is done is a certain social and cultural context – the Catholic will see the Virgin Mary and the Buddhist will see globes of light, UFO’s etc.
I’ve gone off point a bit! So, when we are born we make a transition from being non-physical energy to being in physical form in a particular time/space reality and restricted by 3 dimensions. When we die, we make another transition back to being non-physical energy. Our bodies have a sell-by date, but our individual conscious energy does not. Through our physical experiences, our consciousness expands and this expansion or evolution of self is eternal – there is just no end to who we are – but we evolve along with everything else – it is the nature of the universe to expand.

Finally we get to your lovely grandma. She is not present in any room in the sense that she is a spirit or ghost kind of hovering or lurking over you ready to push you out of the way the next time you nearly step out in front of a bus! In a ‘you-v’s- the bus situation’  you are kind of on your own in that one! BUT… the non-physical, individual, conscious, evolving energy that is your Grandma is present to you anywhere any time but your energies have to meet up and that means you have to tune into her using your conscious energy – your mind. If your radio dial is set at 92.5AM and you want to listen to something being broadcast on 99.5FM, then with all the good will in the world, you are not going to hear anything – the frequencies are just too far apart. There are plenty of time when, for all sorts of reasons, our minds do tune into non-physical and it’s in those moments, brief though they often are, that we sense someone deceased is actually present to us. Being the great rationalisers that we are, we normally shrug it off, doubt it or analyse the life out of it and carry on with life. But the experience, though brief, is as real and genuine as anything else – in fact, it’s more real than what we think reality is.

So Jillian, your grandmother’s presence and love is real and there, it exists in pure non-physical reality and by accident or design, you can tap into that anytime. It may be a dream, a feeling, a sense of something, a glimpse of light, something caught and vanished from the corner of your eye – these are the signs that Grandma is still present – it’s only an interpretation but the point of communication is absolutely real. Talk to your grandma in your mind when you are relaxed and feeling good – this is the easiest time to tune in because you are closer to her reality. When you are having a bad day, an argument, you  loose your purse, the washing machine blows up etc – this will not be easiest of times to sense non-physical reality – your energy will be kind of sulking and fuming off in a different direction or frequency!

I hope I have been able to give you some idea of how things hang together and it what context your grandma is there for you – in a nut shell – she is fully there and there will be times when you know that but most of the time you are going to be so busy with this 3-dimensional physical world that you wont be able to notice – and this is exactly as it should be. Your grandma would much rather you enjoyed your physical life experience confident that her love accompanies you every step than for you to worry over is she in the room or not and if she is then what you should you do about it. Your grandma only has one message for you that she would lovingly and with much humour stamp on your forehead – relax and appreciate – I can only encourage you to take her advice.

Please accept my best wishes and it has been a joy to answer your question because by feeling your grandma inspire me to communicate to you in a meaningful way I have felt my own grandmother’s love too. A wonderful thing indeed and I thank you so much for given me the opportunity to have this experience. Roy Pierce  


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