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My grandmum (maternal grandmother) passed away before I was born but my mum named me for her. Is there anything she would like to tell us?

Hello Christine, thank you for contacting me. Honestly I'm a bit nervous to answer your question, I don't know you at all of course and I don't know how you are going to take this but hopefully I can explain it well. In a nutshell - you are an extension of that which your grandmother is. I'm going to ramble on now and try and unpack this in a meaningful way for you but in case I forget to say this - please check with your mum and those who knew your grandmother - if they were to play snap with your personality and traits and your grandmother's - there will be alot of snaps!
Let me try and explain what I'm saying here, I just hope to God I'm not upsetting you in any way. I'm going to make a shopping list of points so I don't get lost in what I'm saying. When you put the points together you have a picture and in that context what I'm saying will hopefully make some sense.

1) there are two types of reality. A physical one - that's all the stuff of the universe that's in a time/space reality - this one happens to be a 3-dimensional reality. Then there is the non physical reality which is pure conscious thought.
2) non-physical comes first, or if you like, thought comes before form. If you look around you you can see that every physical thing has come from a thought. I'm drinking a cup of coffee as I type to you - the cup didn't fall from space, someone thought about it - it existed as a thought first and then became a physical object.
3) being born is a transition from non-physical thought to physical form and the moment of death, regardless of the circumstances, is the transition moment when physical consciousness returns to its pure non-physical form.
4) All living things are expressions or extension of physical thought. That thought is individual and specific to an evolving species - obviously we are human consciousness.

To summerie the above we can say we are all temporary extensions of non-physical individual conscious energy.Your grandmother made her transition from physical form to non-physical before you were born but the energy that is your grandmother is re-invested or re-expressed as part of your coming into physical being. Your grandmother is still her individual self as indeed you obviously are, but the expression/extension of the energy into this time/space reality is a combined process. In a real sense, your grandmother is partly physical again through your physical existence. You didnt come forth into this world just with her blessing, so to speak, but with her energy also. That should be visible in various ways to members of your family who knew her when she was here although often people are too busy with life to make the connections or immediately dismiss things if they do notice them.

I havent actually answered your question yet Christine but your grandmother would love you to know how eternally connected she is to you even though you didn't bump into each other here in physical form. Its more than just you actually, you are part of a very strong family consciousness. This is a really dumb word to use but I can't think of a better one to give an accurate sense of what I'm trying to explain ... it's a bit like family recycling. I really don't mean that literally but as symbol of your context in all this it at least gives a general user-friendly idea.

One of the greatest acheivements of your grandmother when she was in physical form is what she encourages and wishes for you too. She had a deep sense of appreciation of her life and she managed to do what most do not - she even managed to find shreds of appreciation in people and situations that caused her to have unpleasant or unwanted experiences. By the time she made her transition she got pretty expert at finding something good in everything and her compassion radar was in full swing. Wanting to transmit this sense of appreciation and evolve it towards an unconditional appreciation is her main desire in connecting specifically to your energy. This intention was unconsciously picked up by your Mum - your naming process was not a sentimental coincidence, it was a guided and meaningful choice.

Innate is you are two very important things that will have you flying through life while others just seem to struggle and founder. 1) you are an eternal being against whom no clock is ticking - you understand your temporary expression here and that life experience causes you to expand and evolve your consciouss self, 2) even in situations that cuase you to have even strong negative emotion, you know that these are the events whereby you get to sift through your experiences and come to preferences and choices that best suit you and as such, these seemingly unwanted experiences are things for which you can feel appreciation. As you get this Christine, and it is truly innate within you, the world around around will take on colour and wonder that will keep you buzzing and smiling and loving to the core of your being and best of all others will draw strength you - without you even knowing it. Your grandmother was a pillar of strength to all who knew here and you are too - that's your grandmother in you.

There is nothing more special than this that your grandmother wants you to get and I mean REALLY get. There is nothing for you to worry or fret about, you are part of a family both strong in physical form and from a non-physical perspective. You came for the pupose of expansion and you intended to have joy in that process at every turn. Whenever you try to settle for anything less you will feel unease and your knowing self along with your grandmother will coax you through that unease to a better feeling place where you will be on track again and firing on all cylinders.

Words are symbols and they are limited but I hope I have managed to more or less find the right ones under your grandmother's guidance to effectively communicate to you in a meangingful and hopefully respectful way. If you feel I may be able to help you further then please come back to me and, if I can, it will be my pleasure to try and help. Please also accept my very best wishes, Roy Pierce
...I'm running out of time and am sending this without checking the spelling etc - sincere apologies if you have had to make the odd mental correction as you go....


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