Well first off thank you for taking the time to answer me. I believe well I know that I have psychic and /or medium abilities. I just wanted to know if u could tell me which and how to strengthen it and what you pick up on me. And on a specific note when and if I'll have a child and gender. If u can answers these i will be very grateful

As this is in the question pool, I am answering - if this question still needs an answer, provide your birth year - I'm happy to answer the psychic abilities question, but please do clarify what exactly you want to know - the service I provide on here is only love-based readings, so I will be stretching myself to help you freely.  


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Hello :) I will need your First Name & Birth year, and any others involved in your question - brief answer given - questions that will be rejected (baby! health! I am single, when will I get married!). Paid readings available


1-2 random cards are pulled out of my Gipsy cards deck

Intuition guidance is always there

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