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QUESTION: I was wondering if the girl i'm falling in love with is being real with me or is she just playing games and using me.

ANSWER: your birth year? your gender?
girl's birth year and first name?
have you both met in person?
are you both currently single?

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QUESTION: my birth year: 1988
my gender: female
her birth year: 1993
her first name: Raven
we have not met yet but plan to by the end of december
we are single but we agreed not to see other people

My profile states "I do not promise to answer your question in this brief reply, I will only give you what I receive at that moment"

Receiving... Until you meet Raven in person Jillian, I'm feeling you should be tactful and diplomatic in your communications with her. Be true to yourself is the strong message I am feeling here. Because Raven is confused, and uncertain - but this is natural, she's young and she hasn't met up with you in person yet. I'm feeling quite overwhelmed when I tune into her energy.

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