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Hi Serena,

We have similar names , my dad always told me that he originally named me Sirina but then they mis-registered it.
This is my story.

I met someone last June 2012. I fell in love with him he is born 11- June 1978 , I m born 13 June 1976.

He is already in a relationship engaged to be married he told me from the benning and I did not care cause I don't really want to marry right now , just wanted to have fun. But I did not know that love would hurt so much .. A month ago I ended the relationship. But I still love him. It is really heartbreaking but I guess I had to do this.
The only thing that is really killing me is that we were together for almost half a year and we parted and I never found out how he truely feels about me. Does he love me but cannot leave the girl he is commited to ? Is he afraid of sticking to me coz he wants a marriage and stability and I don't so there is no point recking his existing relationship to be around me.

I don't know these questions are driving me crazy. My soul is just hooked up on him :(
Thanks for answering



Reiterating: Guy told you from the beginning that he is in a relationship, engaged to be married to a beautiful girl, which meant he loves her very much and is respecting her by telling you in case you got any fanciful notions in your head.

Despite this, you went on ahead to 'have fun' and ended the 'relationship' - erm girl I feel you're deceiving yourself, there was no relationship in the first place. You concealed the truth from yourself from the very beginning and pretended he never said anything.

For a long time, you have deluded yourself, and taken away from this friendship with this guy what you have wanted to - you speak of love - yet you sneakily love a guy already who loves his fiancee. You tried to steal his love away, despite him telling you he was already taken. Ask yourself whether all your actions speak of love.

He doesn't love you, he loves his girl for who she is. You don't even enter the picture.  


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