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name Marcy dob 11 16 1987. age 24.

Hi, Roy. i am learning to see auras for the first time naturally, from the book solitary witch by silver ravenwolf. the first time i saw auras, i saw two white outlines, behind me, and two sparks of glittering light. what were the white outlines. and sparks of light i saw at the corner of my right eye? anyways, when i did it again, i started to see like a clear outline of my aura, but transparent. my eyes have burned while trying to focus just pass my shoulders and head, focusing on the white paper. i did not know i could see auras the first time naturally..i wonder if i have the gift to see them. i have seen them on cars, and i saw Micheal Jackson's aura too, but not a color, just the energy part of it.

Hello Marcy, what lovely experiences you are having. Auras and the like are what happens when our minds tune into non-physical energy and in a split second we interpret that energy into something 3-dimensional that we can understand - at least to some extent. You will continue to see these as your mind relaxes and becomes more fluent. The only thing I would say is please remember that it is an interpretation fo your mind that you are seeing - the energy is real but how it appears to you is very subjective in that your mind does the dressing and staging. This is important becuase some people can interpret in ways that are disturbing or frightening to them and then people start beleiving they are being haunted by demonds or evil sprirts and ghosts and all those kind of things. It's lovely that your interpretations are pleasing to you - lonf may they remain so and encourage you to enjoy them BUT also don't expect too many others to understand or accept your experiences - for the most part, your experiences will have to remain essentially private and, indeed, you do not need the approval of others anyway - so no loss there, it's your own journey you are on. best wishes and enjoy, Roy Pierce  


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