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Psychics/How long will we stay together?


QUESTION: Hi there, I am just curious as to how long my relationship will last with my current partner. We've been having a bit of a rough time lately and I am just curious to know what you think. Thank you.

ANSWER: your birth year?
his birth year? his first name?
are you both in a mutually consented relationship? If so, how long for?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: my birth year is 1994, so is his. his name is Thomas. we have been in a relationship for almost 6years

My profile states "I do not promise to answer your question in this brief reply, I will only give you what I receive at that moment"

Receiving - I feel the emptiness within you, incomplete you feel because materialism you seek from Thomas. Inner you, you do not know, nor want to make the time to know this is why there is an empty feeling within you. Emptiness which you project onto Thomas. Finance and materialistic support you take from Thomas, love cannot be received because within you, you do not love yourself, so do not recognize what love means - 6 years, that is sad - if you find yourself, then you can know and feel love.

Thomas is feeling frustrated and detaching from you. But understand the love in unconditional, so detachment is good for when you are both trusting each other, then love freely flows, by attaching and leeching onto another is not love, it's mistrust. But it feels like Thomas is deluding himself also about the true meaning of love, and isolating himself in fear of this detachment.

6 years of not really knowing what love is, whoa! This is why problems have come about - there is a current Mercury Retrograde and Neptune direct in Pisces which is forcing everyone to heal their skeletons in their closet for the Earth's consciousness is shifting towards Utopia.

Go within yourselves and understand who you are, otherwise the tired and drained feeling will continue and lead to a separation. 6 years of manipulating each other will end if love is not found.

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