My name is Vanessa born November 1, 1972 and I have been single now since July 11, 2008 and that is when I left an abusive relationship I was in with a Kyle born June 18, 1979 but since I had met a man Leon born February 8, 1983 who is actually just over 10 years younger than I am but we seem to have this amazing connection and complete honesty and on 2 different occassions he has gone off and tried to have a relationship with these woman but it has never turned out.  He says he cares for me but we never seem to take it any further than friends with benefits.  I am just wondering if this guy will eventually see that we are a great match or if we will just keep what we have as friends.

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Receiving - You are beginning to realize that you too are worthy of being loved for who you are not what others want you to be. Good :) this is causing you to question everything that Leon has told you about his caring for you and then running off to be with other women, anyone but you. How is this being cared, for you wonder endlessly? It feels like you have been crawling as a caterpillar all your life especially after being hurled around with Kyle. You are in what can be described as a cocoon where everything that has happened to you has happened what a reason. You feel as if you're dying that no one can care about you, look at Leon he says he cares about you, but just uses you and seeks other women to be his girlfriend. You look into the mirror and say, but I am worth it, aren't I? You know the answer to this question Vanessa :) you are worth a lot more than you give yourself credit for. End these benefits with Leon, let him seek his pleasures elsewhere, the right guy will come along and love you for all the reasons Leon has not.

Leon plain and simple is compromising your integrity, he does not care or love you otherwise he would respect you and treat you like a delicate china tea cup :) he will not find love with other women, because he does not know the meaning of love. That's his journey to take.

Between you both, I feel only one night stands and forever one night stands... it's like a time loop. Who can make the change to get out of this Groundhog's day movie? :)

Why darling Vanessa... it's you :) remember what a powerful Goddess you are, and take a stand, and say NO. I am worth a million, and start treating yourself like you are worth it too :) Dress very powerfully, choose red :) and this will give you the confidence to be single. Drive men wild if you must, but only through your eyes, don't let them touch you without being able to offer unconditional love, forget all this no strings attached, friends with benefits nonsense, you are above this Vanessa. You are a wild Goddess, and it's time you took a stand! Remember who you are.

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