QUESTION: Hello my name Jacqueline (female) 10-5-80 i want to know if u see a future with my current boyfriend ( fiance) Jose 3-21-77 ( male) . He lives in another state but comes every weekend to see me. Do u see him finally moving to where I live? Do u see a future with us marriage kids etc . Please let me know . Thank you :)"

ANSWER: how long has this relationship been progressing?

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QUESTION: Hello.we been together 3 years

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Free service: Do you ever go and see Jose? :) You have to ask yourself what is it that you feel you are going to lose out on if you give and not take all the time. There's a sense that you are scared of being rejected if you really are who you are, so you hide your true self even from yourself. I feel Jose really does like you, but you also have to give unconditionally and step out of your comfort zone for progress to be made in the long-term relationship.

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