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QUESTION: I am in a LDR with my boyfriend and I was wondering if I'll end up moving to him or him to me? Also if we'll ever get married. Thank you!

ANSWER: your birth year?
your partner's birth year and first name?
how long have you been in this relationship? and have you met each other in person?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My birth year: 1989
His birth year: 1990
We've been together 6 months since April 2012
I have met him twice in person and stayed for a month both times.

My profile states "I do not promise to answer your question in this brief reply, I will only give you what I receive at that moment"

Receiving... illusions of grandeur are within the ambience of this relationship. you need to open your eyes to the red flags for you are missing them quite blatantly. Daydreaming too much about the future and what ifs, and not being present in this moment. You Tiana are seeing your boyfriend through the eyes of your Ego. This is not love that I am feeling.

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