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QUESTION: I met this guy on a social site that I frequently use. He is a single parent just like me and that is what made us click. We started talking about being a single parent and all the ups and downs of that. We have not went a day without speaking. We talk on the phone all day long, text each other when a phone call isn't possible and are really starting to have feelings for one another. We live 17 hours away from each other and I have never considered moving away from home until I met him and now that is all I want to do. Realistically it would be a year or better before I could make a permanent move to Ohio, but a short visit is always possible. I want to know if you see this working out for him and I.

ANSWER: your real first name? your birth year?
his name? his birth year?
have you met in person?
are you in a mutually consented 'relationship' now? how long for now?

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QUESTION: My real first name is Debi, My birth year is 1981, His name is Brandon, His birth year is 1986, We have not met yet, but we have consented to in a relationship status and agree that we are to be faithful to one another and we have been together since September 29, 2012

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Receiving - Brandon is currently going through a period of soul searching, I don't feel he's fully committed to you as you think he is. You Debi, yes I can feel is feeling like he's 'the one' and feeling happy as a result. Yes I do feel this relationship can go somewhere, but you need to communicate honestly to each other, not from a place of insecurity but real needs and not by projecting emotional baggage onto each other.

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