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I fell in love with a guy, even though we only dated for a short while (two months).  He chased after me in the beginning and was really the one to pursue a relationship but then he just faded away one day.  He stopped contacting me for no apparent reason. Me being too proud to tell him I miss him or ask what was going on acted like nothing was bothering me.  I have contacted him two times since the "breakup" just for small talk and he always replies when i do, but nothing more. Its been two months since I last saw him. I can't stop thinking about him and I am desperate to know what his feelings are towards me. Will he ever contact me again? Does he miss me and want to be with me or has he already moved on?  

January 10, 1981

Hi Rose
Sadly your heart fell for a man who is more addicted to the chase then to the actual relationship. Getting your attention or your affections was where his true emotions were and once he was able to snag your heart he lsot interest. I feel he is not with anyone else but he has moved on and while I don't feel like you and he would suffer a big blow up at each other or negative emotions I do feel like for now, the relationship is considered done in his mind. He still feels and knows you have feelings for him though, once he sees you've moved on he might begin to feel that twinge of wanting you but but again his love is in the chase of things.  


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