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Hi Advisor Abby, I hope you are well!

I have recently broken up with my fiance. Although it was my choice (not much of a choice though, was kinda backed into a corner), I am understandably quite devastated & now worried for the future.

My question is - when will I meet the man I will ACTUALLY marry, and what will he be like? I'm obviously not looking right now, as I still love my ex & need some time to heal, but looking for some reassurance (hopefully!) that I have made the right decision.

Thank you so much for your time!

Amy x

Hi Amy I feel that you made the right decision it will take a little while for your heart to heal but you will be able to move all I see your soulmate but you do not know this man at this time I feel you will meet him in the spring of the new year but there are many issues I feel About your love life that you need to know about it is very difficult for you to find happiness the way you wish to have and there is a deeper meaning to it but I would have to meditate to find out what it is if you are interested in me doing a love meditation for you let me know..


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