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What does the non-physical reality look like, and what are the minimum requirements or something to be "real." I have seen a few videos on space/time, and the effects of witnessing events has on the events themselves. So I can't help but wonder what it even means to be real, and what is reality? And why do I have to exist as such a physically ugly person? lol.

Hello James, you question made me laugh. Who told you your were ugly? Tell them where to go!lol
Our physical bodies, while limited and always different from each other in some way - sometimes significantly different in the case of physical disabilites, do serve us, for the most part, incredibly well. They are an evolved machine still in the process of evolving - each species will always evolve.
Next bit. Your question what does non-physical look like? Its kind of a dead-end question because you run smack-bang into the problem of dimensions. This physical time/space reality is 3-dimensional and all the while you are stomping around the planet having all sorts of experiences in that ugly body of yours, lol, you NECCESSARILY interpret everything, without exception, in a 3 dimensional way. Non-physical is not limited by dimension and so you can't, you just can't see it in the sense that you can look at a cup of coffee or plane crash or a group of mountains. You can. however, tune in or connect with it through the one non-physical aspect about you, and that is your individual, evolving consciousness. There are times when your non-physical consciouss self connects to non-physical reality BUT still you have to make a 3 dimensional interpretation. This is where the whole world of religion and paranormal and the like comes into play. It is all humans sincere attempts through the ages, to interpret those moments of connection.
The question what is reality is subjective since physical reality is an interpretation of concensus. Most people agree on the planet what a cup of coffee is and so we see a cup of coffee. What is it really...? a highly complex realtionship of vibrating and oscillating energy particles, million of them changing in time-frames we can only guess at. For most people, it's just a bloody cup of coffee. The demands of our physcial world do not enable us to experience physical reality in real way let alone non-physical. We get glimpses, tasters, hints, dreams, unexplained sensations and experiences - we have the desire to know - our minds prompt us forward but then we have bills to pay, a pile of ironing, flu, we want good food, good sex, we've got to keep up with the latest technology and then there are the billions of people who are in all sorts of practical dilemmas from starvation to obesity and the media blasting us with all the horrible things that are happening on ther planet. We are busy people James - non-physical, form our physical perspective, doesn't get much of a look-in!
So what's real? You, James, are non-physical eternal, evolving, individual consciouss energy. You expressed your conscioussness in a non-physical way, for the puposes of evolution and expansion, in a time/space reality restricted by three dimensions. Your physical expression has a sell-by date. At the point of death, whether that be after a long-life in a warm bed surrounded by loving and crying relatives, or in the high street as you step out infront of a bus, you make your transition and return to your full, non-physical self, a new and evolved self. The point of death is a blissful expereince for all, no exceptions, what leads to that point varies hugely and the experience can be severly horrible - but not the point of transition.

I have probavly not answered your questions to the depth that you are seeking - we can always write more if you want to contact me further. But, it is my sincere hope that I have at least been able to give you a slightly fresh angle from which to approach these things and I absolutely encourage you to think and explore as much as your life allows you. If you really want to delve into the scientific side then keeping up with the world of astro-physics is useful and the books of Brian Greene such as the Elegant Universe make interesting reading. From my own contact with non-physical I know the world of String or M-theory is the closest we have come to understanding the nitty gritty of how things work - but, at the end of the day, we have to make 3-dimensional interpretations by consensus - when people make interpretations without concenses then we diagnose insanity! So keep a sense of humour, enjoy the physical life that you actually came for and don't let them take you away! lol. Best wishes, Roy Pierce  


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I can answer questions concerning people's desire to have some form of contact with deceased friends or relatives or, if required, animals. In summary, I consider myself an expert on communication between physical and non-physical reality. While I can act as a medium, I prefer to teach people how to make contact themsleves. I would prefer questions to be marked as private, if possible. Please not that information to answer questions of this kind is not immediately available, effort and time are required to establish a satisfactory response so please do not mind that it may take a day or two to receive an answer - this does not mean I have forgotten you. I am currently living and working in south east Asia so there is a time factor there too for those who contact me from Europe and the States - it is, however, an absolute pleasure to deal with people from all over the globe.


As an ordained minister, I have had 15 years experience in dealing with bereavement and bereaved people. Many have asked if it is possible to contact deceased people. I beleive it is possible for anyone to contact any non-physical reality and I have helped many people do this from different cultures, religions and countries.

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