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Hello Serena :) thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I was in a relationship with someone almost two years ago named Chris. We became very close but had to part ways after a few months, he had to go to rehab. Since then he's been working on himself quite a bit and he seems 10 times better than he was before. We recently started seeing each other again as we both felt like we weren't over the other. Sometimes we talk about possibly moving in together. I just want to know if I can trust him this time, and if we'll end up staying together, like moving in or having kids someday? Can he handle the responsibility?

Walking on eggshells is the ambience in this relationship, where one false moves upsets the balance of emotions. You are aware of this balance Jenna, but you are also aware of the connection you and Chris share. But, getting caught up in illusions of the imagination when it doesn't come to fruition can be overwhelming. Loneliness and desires lead you to rationalize your behaviors as to why Chris and you should stay together, even when red flags of negligence in self care is lacking. Your decisions Jenna lead you to create your own reality, likewise for Chris, one false move and the balance can topple. Choose wisely is the advice. Living in a fantasy world is all good when the egg shells are unbroken, or the time bomb is silent, but when it starts ticking and is about to blow, then all hell breaks loose. You can sacrifice your moralities if you wish, and pursue only Chris's, but where does that leave you Jenna? Living your life? or Chris's life?

Further details Love or Lust helps you understand if there is any long-term potential, or
Further details Deeper insight helps you understand deeper into your relationship together, whether you can trust him for one.


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