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Psychics/am I psychically gifted?


name Marcy Tanesha Kennedy dob. 11 16 1987. age 25.

Hi, Sophia. i was wondering if i am gifted in the psychic area? what i mean is, do i have psyhcic abilities? and what are the names of them? the reason i ask this is, 3 yrs ago, i started to feel a pressure on my head, then i was receiving messages in my head that i could hear, and pick up things about people i never met. have visions of the past, present, or future. have dreams of visiting the other side, or demonsions, like my spirit was leaving my body. now i have been learning how to see auras, and a few times i saw nothing, then i saw two white outlines, and at the corner of my right eye, two sparks of glittering light...i started also seeing transparent energis, past my shoulders, and head, focusing on the white.

Hello Marcy

Thank you for your question.

Based on a basic reading I do see and feel that you are VERY psychic, and I am feeling that you have a strong Psychic ability, but I see and feel that many negative energies are standing in the way of you opening your psychic gift more so.

I feel that you have led many past lives and I see and feel that in one of them you where Psychic.

Please contact me for a deeper mediation, to possibly enhance your gift and learn more about the past lives.

Love and Light  


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I am a born psychic reader. I use my guide Michael who assists me in predicting time frames that have come to be true. He shows me numbers and days without me even trying. I can tell you what is going to happen exactly when it is supposed. PLEASE NOTE: I only tell you what I see in my readings and I have found that people don't always like that. I am sorry that I am not telling you what you want to hear but that is not my job. My job is to get the message to you that is meant for you. Please don't get mad at me because there is something that is not in your future. I can however help you to figure out how to get it there if you wish. All you have to do is ask.


At the age of 7 I was introduced to working with the local police department to assist them in the discovery of a missing child. Ever since then I have dedicated my life to helping others. I take my gift very seriously and I only use it to help people become who they want to be not what I think they should be. I read people energies. I see numbers for time frames. Astrology readings, DNA activations, healings, medium, remote viewing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, spirit communication, reprogramming of the mind (to have them think of what you want them to think about, EFT, Chakra cleansing, numerology, body shaping and many more things. Just ask.

I have been a professional reader in all the major systems of divination in the western world. I am proficient in: Tarot Runes Ogham Kabbalah Astrology as well as a natural Clairvoyant.

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