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I have been getting sleep paralysis since young and would like your insights about this. Why does it happen and what can I do to stop it? I seem to have some psychic abilities however am really afraid of "seeing" the unknown. What is my purpose in life too?

Wish you have an awesome day ahead and thank you so much in advance for your time.


Hello Marilyn, Thank you for contacting me. Sleep paralysis is something most people, at some stage in their lives, do experience. It can be a frightening experience but most probably you find it irritating as frequent experiences will have made you a bit of a veteran at it! Please don't connect the paralysis to any paranormal phenomena. Therer is a whole folk history in most cultures to explain sleep paralysis - most of it revolving around some form of possession or spirit interference. There is a perfectly sensible, practical reason for the paralysis and it has everything to do with the degrees of consciousness we pass through when we move from sleep to being awake. All the parts of the brain required to make this transition should work together to produce an effortless and forgettable transition. For the most part we only get to notice we are awake and have just been asleep - we don't actually get to notice we are asleep - the transition is very co-ordinated and smooth. With sleep paralysis, the functions of the brain the normally work seamlessly together do not, you gain a degree of consciousness ahead of the sections of the brain that allow you to control and execute a movement of the body. As far as I know, we haven't quite yet discovered exactly what bits of the brain can be slower than other and why, but eventually the brain catches up with itself and the necessary synaptic responses fire in sync and you can function and be awake. I also understand that something similar in the brain is responsible for our deja-vu experiences - one part is split seconds out of sync with the whole and we have a corresponding experience that is out of the ordinary.
The only treatment I ever heard of, and you might find this very strange, is to ensure that the last thoughts in your mind before you sleep are happy ones ir humorous ones. There is some evidence to suggest that falling asleep in a state of anxiety is most likely to induce a paralysis experience. Much of this is conjecture rather than hard fact but if I were in your shoes I would certainly give it a try - no harm can come from falling asleep with a smile and a giggle!
Psychic abilities are somthing that, in truth, everyone has. The difference is that some people get the chance and have the desire to notice and expolre them. Most people prefer to ignore them - and that's fine too. Some people who contact me get a bit ratty with me becuase I gently try to explain this while the person contacting me is hoping/insisting they have a special gift. We are all born with this ability - including the animal kingdom - even the one celled ameba in the ocean. So you can hate me too but honestly it's not about special gifts! What is a bit special is that you have noticed something andf are interested to take a closer look. Curiosity will NOT kill the cat - so don't worry you are stepping into some strange and dangerous place and will end up with all sorts stomping around the house at midnight! Leave that to Hollywood - they are incredibly good at it !

Here is how to begin to get your mind around it.
There are two types of reality, a physical one and a non-physical one. We are physical along with all the stuff of the universe. But before anything physical can exist, it has to be thought first. If you look around your room, everything thing you see is the result of as thought - it was thought first and then made. My point is that, thoughts preceed objects and in this sense, non-physical is the reality form which the physical world physical comes. To put it another way, all physical reality is an extension or expression of non-physical reality. The particular physical reality we experience is a 3-dimensional one and everything we experience has to be expressed through those dimensions.

The paranormal or psychic world is where physical connects with non-physical. But there is a problem. Non-physical is not restricted by dimensions - we are, we only have 3. So we MUST interpret any contacting with non-physical reality through 3-dimensional images and experiences and our brains do that in split seconds. This is why there is a whole mountain of religions, and experiences, and ghost stories, and supernatural tales and legends and fears and etc etc. Its a vast melting put of historial interpretations. The trouble is that we easily forget that it's only ever an interpretation and often not a very good one except for that person at that particular time. When humans make the interpretation the reality, then people start getting defensive, angry, superior and so forth.

So putting all this together, I can promise you that all you will ever experience is an interpretation and as such nothing can, could or will ever harm you in any way. You can totally relax on this point - there is nothing out there in non-physical that can get you or hasstle you - there just isn't. There is an abundant, eternal stream of conscious energy and thought of which we are all a part and all expressions of. It is a creative stream that moves and expands along with the evolution and expansion of all physical things and all species.

We humans can tap into this stream anytime - its part of who we are - its our 'parent' if you like. Connecting to the stream and making sense of your interpretation of that connection is what psychic/paranormal activity is about - nothing else. How this stream can be experienced is as many as there are physical consciouss beings to experience it. Mostly, the animals do a far better job at it becuase they are not socialised into fearing death and do not hang on to life experience as something that can be forever lost. We have evolved to have so many hang ups and birth, death and everything in between it is very difficult for anyone to trust their connection to this eternal creative non-physical reality. Some people call this GOD and that's fine but becuase of all the religious connetations that can go with that word, it is often best to avoid it. If God means the eternal creative expanding source of all things then fine, anything thereafter tends to go off on all sorts of tangents - most of them leading to a culture of fear and punishment. Christianity and Buddhism are about the best at trying their best to sort themselves out in a more authentic way, but it's not easy.

The purpose of your life? That's easy - the same as every living thing. You came forward into this time/space reality as a physical being in order to enjoy the wonder of having a physical life experience - your purpose is joy and expansion of your own consciousness and as you sift through your life experiences, undertanding what you prefer and what you do not, you come to a greater clarity of what you are supposed to do. I was watching a video of a 4 year old child playing a violin concerto - clearly this boy came with a clear intention and as soon as he picked up the violin all his cylinders were firing. Many of us don't come with fixed intentions other than to enjoy whatever the physical world has to offer and enjoy sifting and expanding through our experiences. Unless you have any burning, all consumming desires in you, most probably you are here for the fun of whatever life has to offer - but you did intend to choose your expereinces and create your own reality - so if you feel you are a cork bobbing up and down in the ocean without direction or control then you need to look gently but carefully at what you want from your life. The most important question anyone can ever ask thsmelves is 'What do I want?'

I feel I havent answered you question well but I don't want to overload you either. At least I hope I have been able to say something that has shed a few shards of light on your questions and if you feel I may be able to help you further then please contact me. Please also accept my very best wishes - and get those grey cells giggling, see if it makes any difference! Roy Pierce  


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I can answer questions concerning people's desire to have some form of contact with deceased friends or relatives or, if required, animals. In summary, I consider myself an expert on communication between physical and non-physical reality. While I can act as a medium, I prefer to teach people how to make contact themsleves. I would prefer questions to be marked as private, if possible. Please not that information to answer questions of this kind is not immediately available, effort and time are required to establish a satisfactory response so please do not mind that it may take a day or two to receive an answer - this does not mean I have forgotten you. I am currently living and working in south east Asia so there is a time factor there too for those who contact me from Europe and the States - it is, however, an absolute pleasure to deal with people from all over the globe.


As an ordained minister, I have had 15 years experience in dealing with bereavement and bereaved people. Many have asked if it is possible to contact deceased people. I beleive it is possible for anyone to contact any non-physical reality and I have helped many people do this from different cultures, religions and countries.

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