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Psychics/Was I seeing my spirit guides auras?


name Marcy dob 11 16 1987. age. 25.

Hi, Roy. You were right about me starting to see auras more. I have'nt been practicing seeing them lately, but when I would focus on just the white, I would see transparent energy near my head, and shoulders. Anyways, when I was in my brothers room, I was looking on the television shelf, and I saw a green colored string of light, like it was glowing for a few seconds, then when I was doing the aura exericise again in my room, I saw the same spark of golden or yellow light near where my stomach area is. I did not know what these colored lights were I was seeing. Can you tell me what they are? why am I seeing these lights, and different energy? Is this part of my psychic gifts?

Hello Marcy, the quick answer to your question is YES - it is part of your developing ability. I'm not a great fan of using the word GIFT becuase it suggests someone has something unique when in fact all humans are born with the ability to communicate with non-physical reality. The difference is that some people like yourself, notice and explore their ability.
What is happeneing is that you are rubbing up against non-physical energy which is around all of us all the time. At certain times your mind will be vibrating at a frequency that is near to non-physical frequency and you will catch glimpses of that energy. Your mind must make an interpretation of the energy since you are a physical being restricted by your mental apparatus and restricted by 3-dimensions. In this sense what you are seeing is only ever an interpretation which your mind does in split seconds. The energy is real but what you see is your interpretation of it so that it makes come cognitive sense to you and you can at least recoginse it as 'some thing'. Most probably different colours have alot to do with frequencies that the energy vibrates at - honestly, I can't be sure about this but I am 99% certain it has alot to do with it. We know from science that colours vibrate across a spectrum of frequencies and we have names like ultra-violet, infra-red etc to give some user-friendly order to them but we are only just beginning to peak into what there really is. A number of people also interpret in shapes - orbs or spheres of light being very typical. Its fascinating that you see strings since String-Theory or M-Theory is where most nuclear-physicists and astro-physicists beleive the identity and key to unlocking the nature of the universe actually lies. When you have a few lazy moments, have a look at String Theory on the internet. It's not simple in that the best minds in the world are busy with this but there are user-friendly introductions to it on the net. There is a great book by Brian Greene called The Elegant Universe if you really want to dip your toes in the water but it's heavy going - it's a book I pick up form time to time and read a few pages.
This aside Marcy, I just encourage you to enjoy your experiences. Most importantly is that you feel the releif of knowing that what we see is only the tip of the ice-berg and despite the fact that the physical world gives us so many things to worry over, fear, be horrified by etc - the truth is that reality is is way beyond all of that and a fundamental blessed and beautiful reality underpins the physical universe and a few lucky ones like yourself, have the care and heart to notice it. It should be a source of great strength and consolation to you - but - and its a big BUT - don't expect others to understand, we are all on our own journey. Best wishes to you, Roy Pierce  


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