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Psychics/I wish I said goodbye before he passed on


name Marcy dob 11 16 1987. age 24. Other person asking name James Wilks Rowe. passed at the age of 70.

Hi, Roy. I feel very sad, because my uncle, named James, passed away on Thursday, at the age of 70. My uncle was a miniter, and was a Christian. I loved him very much, like a father, and he saw me as his daughter, even though I was his neice, I will miss him. I wish I told him goodbye, before he passed away in his sleep. I spoke to my brother Marcus, who still helps me when he can in spirit, to tell my uncle that I will miss him dearly.

Marcy, please don't worry and honestly, forget about this goodbye thing - it's only his physical form that has gone past it's sell-by date. He is now non-physical and fully alive - say Hello, not goodbye, welcome him and congratulate him on his transition to his full non-physical self after an amazing life experience in physical form. If you greet him and share his joy and appreciation of all that is then you will also feel his presence and love and really know that he continues to be with you. I don't mean at all to make light of death or ignore your sadness, I just mean to assure you that your grief, while understandable, is not really necessary. I get that you miss his physical form but James your uncle is as real and alive as he ever was and even more available and present to you know than ever before. With all the love and respect in my heart, I encourage you to say Hello - not fester and vex over not saying goodbye. Even if you got chance to say goodbye it would kind have been  waste of time anyway since James didn't go anywhere, he just made a transition from physical form to non-physical self. Get ready for dream - James will loving and with much humour let you know you are in a pickle over nothing - very soon you will be chuckling at yout own sadness! I promise. Best wishes to you and come back to me if you feel I may be able to help you further, Roy Pierce


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I can answer questions concerning people's desire to have some form of contact with deceased friends or relatives or, if required, animals. In summary, I consider myself an expert on communication between physical and non-physical reality. While I can act as a medium, I prefer to teach people how to make contact themsleves. I would prefer questions to be marked as private, if possible. Please not that information to answer questions of this kind is not immediately available, effort and time are required to establish a satisfactory response so please do not mind that it may take a day or two to receive an answer - this does not mean I have forgotten you. I am currently living and working in south east Asia so there is a time factor there too for those who contact me from Europe and the States - it is, however, an absolute pleasure to deal with people from all over the globe.


As an ordained minister, I have had 15 years experience in dealing with bereavement and bereaved people. Many have asked if it is possible to contact deceased people. I beleive it is possible for anyone to contact any non-physical reality and I have helped many people do this from different cultures, religions and countries.

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