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Hello winged wolf. My name is jaime and I have a question for you. Some strange things have been happening to me this yr and I don't fully understand them nor do I have a name for it. Maybe you can explain it to me. I've never to my knowledge had any psychic abilities. Altho around the age of 13 I started experiencing deja vu, briefly. I am 33 now. For 14 yrs I have been working with tarot cards. Earlier this yr around feb I believe I started doing free online readings for ppl on an astrology forum. Someone explained to me how to read for ppl without them physically touching the cards. I did pretty well with it, gave a few accurate readings altho I find it mentally exhausting so I don't do it very often. Around june this yr, I finally dealt with some really paunful childhood memories and worked on releasing them. And its like it opened a door for other things. Let me give you some examples. I have really weird dreams sometimes. I have dreamt of nature spirits (I have no clue what they are but they look like fairies), and sometimes ppl in my life tell me things in my dreams such as how they feel. I also can pick up on things about ppl (in real life not in dreamland or internet) like things about their general character. I can sense deceit pretty easily now. I'm also kind of sensitive to negative energy from other ppl. I caught word that someone wasn't too happy with me (nothing I did - they are just a toxic person and I am passive) and I had a strange feeling come over me and next thing I knew they sent me an email which I'm sure wasn't very nice and I wouldn't even read it. And I felt sick for the following few hrs. I have been trying visualization techniques since aug on how to rid myself of neg energy by visualizing a white light starting from the top of my head. I thought this was a passing phase until I recently went back to work. I got really bad vibes from someone there who was always gossiping about everyone which luckily she quit. Another shared with me how he overcame addiction and I swear I could literally feel his past struggles and I could see it in his eyes and I felt very sad. I am now steering clear of anyone I get bad vibes from and just putting on a happy face as I don't wish to partake in gossip. Can you perhaps tell me what's going on with me? I've asked this question once on an astrology forum (vaguely) and no one could help me esp when I asked about the dream about nature spirits as I've never heard of them.  Thank you for your time if you are able to provide answers.

Well, it sounds like you awakened psychically as a teen, at a low level, but typically, you may not really have many experiences unless you work at developing your abilities further...which you did, which is why they suddenly improved.  ;)

Now that you've succeeded in boosting the strength and scope of your abilities, you will want to learn how to manage and control them, and defend yourself.  Your higher level of sensitivity makes you vulnerable to things you wouldn't have noticed before.

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I am not a 'psychic reader'--I don't do readings. (If you ask me whether you're going to get a job, whether your boyfriend really loves you, or where your missing keys are, I will reject the question). Again, I do NOT do readings of any kind. Ask yourself: "Does answering my question require the USE of a psychic ability?" If the answer is yes, ask someone who does readings. I provide information and support FOR psychics. If you have unusual abilities and need help understanding how to learn to control them and how to deal with them, I can most likely help you.


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