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Hi Advisor Abby,

At first, I was attracted to my coworker, Ruby, because we appeared to get along quite well about a month ago and right after I asked for her phone number and got it, she's been avoiding me and pretending not to hear me when I talk to her.  I asked her a couple of times via text message if she was interested in an outing but she ignored my text the second time.  However, when we pass by each other, she gives a friendly smile so I'm confused.  If this is her way of rejection, then so be it, but I don't want her to feel uncomfortable around me.  What can you sense from her actions and feelings?  If she isn't someone I should spend time pursuing, what might my future look like regarding possible romantic relationships?  My birthday is 4/23/86 and she's an aries (same year I believe).  Thank you very much.

Hi Sean.. I do see that she likes you and things were good on a friendly level. But the problem is this always happens to you . Every time u get emotionally attached something seems to go wrong .. U have had not the best of luck where love is concerned .. If u want u can contact me live at my website Goodluck n Godbless  


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