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Psychics/current broken relationship and my future


QUESTION: it would be nice if you could provide me with some useful insight as to the future of my current situation.

About 2 months ago me and my partner split-up, we are still living together at present although she wants me to move out early next year. Some days a wonderful others are just horrible. We have a beautiful daughter who i cant bare the thought of having to leave, of course i'll still see her, and 2 boys by her previous relationship. will we ever get back to where we were (engaged) will things get better for us.....

ANSWER: As this is in the question pool, I'm taking the time to answer. However, to conduct the best possible free reading for you, please take time from your life to look at my profile and see the details I'd require from you.

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QUESTION: Hi Serena, thank you for taking the time to look at my question.

Michael 1972
Anne 1980

"will we ever get back to where we were (engaged) will things get better for us....."

it feels like there was no nurturing done towards this relationship, simply the fact you both got engaged and then sat back and thought, ah this is it, this is life, and let the garden of love become filled with weeds. So yes, I do feel there is POTENTIAL for this relationship to go back to how things were without any compromising positions like involving innocent children in the fact that this is why a relationship should stay together. I feel something like triangles is not the answer to your question, just a relationship between both of you, perhaps this will work better when you do move out and you don't take Anne for granted. It's all about attitudes and right choices.


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