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If spirits have an indefinite lifespan, then do they every get tried of living? If so, do they decide to "sleep" for awhile? Can they commit suicide? If a spirit destroys it's own pattern, but then something manages to recreate that pattern in it's entirety, is it just a copy of the original, or a reincarnation of the original?

Not all spirits have an indefinite lifespan--their longevity is a factor of the efficiency of their pattern.  If they have an inefficient pattern and/or run out of the energy they need to maintain themselves, they will essentially disintegrate and be gone.

The question of the pattern is interesting.  If your brain were to be copied in its entirety, down the to last neuron and synapse, would the copy be a reincarnation of you?  I would say, not.

Of course, reincarnation literally means to become carnate again.  To have a body again.  Spirits don't have bodies unless they are carnate (as we are), so the term wouldn't apply.

As to whether or not spirits ever tired of 'living' (existing?), perhaps some of them do.  Do they decide to sleep for a while?  I've seen evidence that some do, though not necessarily because they're tired of existence.  There are so many different types of spirit entities, and so many different individuals out there, I'm sure you could find an example of almost anything, but what it boils down to is this:  You would have to ask THEM, to find out.  


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