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Hello, my name is Aimee, dob 10/25/92 if it helps..

My father passed away when I was 7 years old, but I barely knew him.  I don't know if he knew I was his daughter or not, but I'm curious to know if he ever watches over me or anything.  This may sound silly, but I just wish there was some kind of closure.  


Hello Aimee,
Thank you for contacting me. My apologies for taking so long to get back to you – I like to answer people quicker than this but my internet connection is very on/off and I’m having to type answers on a word document and then cut and paste them into AllExperts when I can.
Anyway, sorry that you have experienced so much of your life without the physical presence of you dad. I’m sure you have spent many moments wondering how things would have been from the age of 7 if he was still physically there for you and what kind of relationship you might have had.

Before we talk about your dad it would be better to get a good foundation about how things fit together and work. It’s a bit dry and heavy but it will help I hope.

All living things have a consciousness and that consciousness is first and foremost eternal and non-physical. If you take a quick look around you then you will see that all the things you see are the result of a thought – a non-physical energy. Everything that has come into existence comes as a result of non-physical first. I’m typing this and drinking a cup of coffee – everything about this cup of coffee is the result of a thought – a manifestation of an idea and an idea is energy, an electrical frequency that is now easily measured these days.
When we are born and when we die we make transitions. I like to look at it like checking in and out of a hotel – the hotel is a symbol for physical existence. We are born, this is a transition from non-physical to physical. We die, this is a transition from physical back to non-physical. In all the transitions of all the living things the individual consciousness remains the individual consciousness – it is just expressed in a physical way. Each individual consciousness evolves and it is for the purpose of expansion and evolution of all things that non-physical consciousness expresses itself in a physical way. When I say each consciousness evolves I’m not kidding, this is equally true from great mammals like us right down to the one celled ameba in the ocean. It is a state of continuous evolution and expansion – a mind-blowing and awesome reality. So your dad Aimee, made a transition from physical to non-physical consciousness when you were 7 years old. This is the true and accurate description of what happened. If we talk like this then people think we are a bit nuts and so we say things like ‘he died’ and that suits everyone.

So if you put all the above together it is not possible to bring closure on the death of another in the sense that they are gone and done and dusted. You can have closure by having peace of mind that when all beings make their transition to non-physical they continue their eternal conscious reality and are present to us.. but from their non-physical perspective. This is not really thing same thing as having spirits and guides kind of hovering over our shoulders and it’s not the case that your dad is lurking around to protect you the next time you step out in front of a bus or something – when it’s you v’s the bus you are kind of on your own in that one! as indeed we all are. Your dad is present to you from his loving and all –knowing perspective and you can sense that presence and are closest to it whenever you feel good and well and energized and enthusiastic and ready for life – kind of like firing on all cylinders. You will know his presence by a certain buzz inside of you that you can’t quite put your finger on and you won’t have time to study it because you will be focused on using the energy that it brings to do something you want to do and enjoy. It matter not one jot to you dad whether you have even a split second to acknowledge or realize his presence to you – it’s quite unconditional and there is nothing you can do or say, ever, that would diminish that presence – you only have power over you, nothing else. One day, you will make your transition from physical to non-physical and will connect immediately with your dad and many others and share such a deep sense of appreciation and wonder at your physical life experience that no words could even begin to describe. You will always have dad loving present to you but it’s not a physical presence, that’s all – it’s nowhere near or even anything like as sad and tragic as most people would have it.  

I’m not too sure if I have answered your question but I hope I have been able to explain your situation in a way that is meaningful to you. Words are always difficult to find and they are never good enough – especially when trying to talk about non-physical reality. If you feel I may be able to help you further then please contact me and I will certainly try. Please also accept my very best wishes, Roy Pierce


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