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QUESTION: my friend aleatha was murdered by her son June 25-2012. Is she ok her son is crazy and in jail. Her funeral was beautiful it was a memorial because when they found her the body was decomposing. Why did he kill her.

ANSWER: Hello Irene, thank you for contcating me. What a deeply upsetting experience that must have been for all involved, not least for you. I'm so sorry you have had to experience this and have every prayer and good wish for you that nothing like this will ever enter your experience again.

The reason for the murder is both simple and complicated. Let me give the reason and then explain it. The explanation is a bit heavy so I hope you can be patient and trying to dinf the right words is always a struggle. I will try ... here we go.

He killed your friend because he had reached a place of such deep insecurity that he faced two choices - hitting out or powerless depression. He hit out and as a consequence ended the life of his own mother. It could have been anyone but she was there at that time when he made a desperate leap to move, instantaeously, from a feeling of utter powerlessness to feeling full power - even power over another's life.

That's the simple answer Irene. The reasons behind this - the backstage stuff if you like, are a bit heavy but per chance you would like to know then it's a pleasure for me try and explain some of it.

We are all born with intentions. We come forth into physcial existence with the express purpose of evolution and expansion - which is the order of the entire universe. We are born knowing our eternal conscious nature and it's only after a few years that we are taught by well-meaning parents and society that death and danger are bad things. By about the age of 12 we are trained to treat life as a one-off event that must be hung onto at all costs. I deal with many families in situations of grief. I am always deeply struck that when a parent of a young family dies, the younger the child the more easily they manage. People cry hardest for the little ones left behind but they are the very ones who cope they best. Like instinct in animals, they still have some innate knoweldge of the eternal nature of life. People would say they don't understand what they have lost - honestly Irene, it's a bit the opposite, they understand the most. I can't tell you have many times and how normal this experience is - in fact, I never saw much to the contrary.
Your friends son had made choices in life that removed him so far from his innate knowledge and intentions that he slumped into a severely distorted view of the prupose of his being. You can say he pinched himself off from himself. Your friend respresented pretty much everything he felt he had lost, this is not a good analogy but it's the best I can think of at the moment that his mum's loving presence was salt in his wounds - to the point of being unbearable. Your friend doesn't regret one second of her life experience and feels nothing but a deep appreciation of all her expereinces,even the bad ones and the final one that caused her to make her transition to non-physical existence. But if there is one thing she says to you now with much love and a great dense of humour the it is this .... Irene, parenting is way overated! .. she is chuckling as she says this and .... no one is born to be a victim, stand tall girl, the best way you can help other's to to look after you first, no exception and no excuses Irene, no excuses - you gotta look after you if you want others to benefit ... she is still chuckling ... she loves you , so much appreciation for the time you shared together, she is so much still present but from her non-physical perspective.
That was kind of lovely for me too, I'm syaing thank you to your friend, I'm typing away and she came throught to me so brightly. This sounds every so disrespectful but I promise you that's the las thing I want to be but to be honest, if you are still grieving and hurting over what happened then you had better give up becuase your friend just wants to have fun with you.

I can't say anything better than what your friend has said Irene so I feel I can stop my very poor words now. I hope this will help you and if you think I can help you any further then it will be my absolute pleasure to try. God bless you and please accept my very best wishes, Roy Pierce

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QUESTION: Good Morning,

I appreciate your reading and letting me know my friend is in good hands. We had parted ways after 43 yrs of friendship but I still loved her. She was my best friend and still is and I miss her. She always had a smile both of her children were bi polar and she raised them alone. Her ex hubby tried to murder her years ago and her son knew it and he resented her in his twisted mind and he did what his father started. I am so sorry she suffered he shot her point blank twice in her head and 4 times in her body. She had changed the locks on the door and he broke in and they found her in the basement sitting in her recliner. It is sad but she was religious and stayed in church all day. But since she is ok i will not be sad. Thank you

ANSWER: Hello Irene, I have to answer you becuase your thanks came in as another question and I certainly didn't want to hit the reject button. Its a pleasure to read your words and thank you so much for saying thank you - you are my hero for this. It's a funny thing, I was brought up, like a beleive the majority of people are, to say please and thank you. When people contact me as you have, it's very few indeed who say please or thank you, very few. I'm really not moaning, it just puzzles me sometimes. Anyway, enough of me ... your friend really is far more OK than either you or I are able to imagine from our persepctive. She would love it for you to chat to her if you want as you go about your daily business - things will come into your mind that will be your friend communicating back - but make sure others aren't around so no one thinks you are going abit nuts!
Your desciption of your friend spending so much time in the church hits a very deep point. There were so many incidents in her life that made or feel like a victim - even though she was smiling away on the outside - her life experiences were never too far away from that dominant inner feeling she had. She identified deeply with Christ's suffering - she realises now that she got a bit stuck in the bitter/sweet pain of life and from her religious point of view the resurrection and empowerment of God's spirit would have served her so much better. As humans we are so free to choose, we even choose bondage. There is no value now in going into this for you and your friend but she would love you to know that she has no regrets about any of her life and she understands the whys and hows of all that happened and feels nothing but appreciation for all of it. She has many wishes and blessings for you but this is a big one - that you will always nuture a sense of your own power and self-worth, it's God-given, you were born with all you need, you don't have to get one drop from others, just nuture what you have. She is chuckling again and repeating - ....and parenting is highly overated - that's her anthem to the world! The more your mind is at peace with your friend's experience the more able you will be to sense her presence. Please chat to her. best wishes from me again and I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and healthy and peaceful New Year ahead. Roy Pierce

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QUESTION: Blessings and light to you and yours also.

Thank you Irene, I have to reply as your kind response has come in as a question and I have to answer or reject it and there's no way I could hit the reject option. Again, a lovely Christmas break to you and your family. I never asked a question on allexperts before but I think they only give you three options, you can either rate me or ask another question or do nothing. Anyway, lovely to have a chance to send you good wishes again. Roy Pierce


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