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Polar Bear
Polar Bear  

I know you must have a lot of people to read for so I will keep my questions simple. I used to feel a lot of things, seeing out of the corner of my eye as it were ...or "hearing" messages. It seems difficult to do that now but was I correct?  

Did my friend Jeff pass away before I got to his house? Does he check in?

I had a heartbreaking year where I lost so many animal friends that I don't think my heart has healed yet.Dogs killed a mom cat and her babies on my front lawn and I think they killed one of my cats that was born in my closet (Mr. Riley). My kitten Harry was found quite far from house...killed by a car accident and I am still missing a beautiful white cat with blue eyes Polar Bear. My dog had one of her eyes knocked out by another dog...this current place I live with them as been nothing but bad luck. What do you make of it? I hope Mr. Riley and Harry did not suffer. Do you think Polar Bear is alive or on the other side? I was only gone 2 hours and no Polar Bear : (  Now I worry for my remaining furry friends.

Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: Joan, thanks for contacting me. I was ready to answer your question and am but then I had doubt if I have understood the line you types about Jeff and the question does he check in? Very briefly, could you just explain a little so I know I am really dealing with what you are wanting to know. I don't want to waste your time by you having to read stuff that may not be relevant to you. Hope you don't mind me troubling you, just want to make sure I understand. The photo of Polar Bear is lovely. You are certaily having a rough time with animals but we will talk about that. Look forward to hearing from you, Thank you, Roy Pierce

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Thank you for replying back so quickly. I am so sorry....yes...I kind of confused things didn't I? I was thinking of all of my animals and then my friend Jeff popped in my mind....he passed away July of this year.I got a call from his girlfriend and got there quickly but I think he had already passed over even though the paramedics were trying to revive him. I wonder was he was floating up above us watching?. Jeff and I  met in grammar school...his children and mine were raised together...I miss him very much and sometimes I feel him. My animals all loved him....guess that is why I kind of connected the two topics. In fact, he found Harry : (, he was with me when I found Mr. Riley and he took me to the vet when my dog lost her eye. He also drove me around looking for Polar Bear...he/was is a good friend.  Sorry for the confusion. I appreciate your time.


Thank you Joan, I just wanted to check we were both singing from the same hymn sheet.
Before we look more carefully at your questions, it would be very good to do a bit of background work first – kind of get the behind the scene of the things and then things will make more sense more easily.

All living things have a consciousness and that consciousness is first and foremost eternal and non-physical. If you take a quick look around you then you will see that all the things you see are the result of a thought – a non-physical energy. Everything that has come into existence comes as a result of non-physical first. I’m typing this and drinking a cup of coffee – everything about this cup of coffee is the result of a thought – a manifestation of an idea and an idea is energy, an electrical frequency that is now easily measured these days – EEGs

When we are born and when we die we make transitions. I like to look at it like checking in and out of a hotel – the hotel is a symbol for physical existence. We are born, this is a transition from non-physical to physical. We die, this is a transition from physical back to non-physical. In all the transitions of all the living things the individual consciousness remains the individual consciousness – it is just expressed in a physical way. Each individual consciousness evolves and it is for the purpose of expansion and evolution of all things that non-physical consciousness expresses itself in a physical way. When I say each consciousness evolves I’m not kidding, this is equally true from great mammals like us right down to the one celled ameba in the ocean. It is a state of continuous evolution and expansion – a mind-blowing and awesome reality. In this sense, the furry friends with which we share the planet are the same as us. They come forth into a physical form for the purpose of enjoying physical existence and the eternal expansion of themselves and the species to which they belong. The majority of animals on our planet have been doing this for millions of years – as a species we are relatively new comers to this, at least on this planet we call earth.

One thing the animals have on us is that they are not socialized by culture or religion to fear death. Human infants don’t either, it’s only when we get to around 4 or 5 that we are taught and educated into a danger/fear/death mentality. A 7 year old human will generally fear the traffic, Rover the dog will happily chase Felix  the cat right infront of an oncoming truck – he couldn’t care less if it whacked him or not – no fear, no problem with death, just a rock-solid sense of his eternal nature and the moment of death as a transition. The majority of species on our planet come knowing full well they are going to be a potential food source for another species and it bothers them not one bit. Animals are experts at popping in and out of physical form without all the mountain of religious and cultural performance we put ourselves through.

So –hoping you are still with me – the first thing I can assure is that there is nothing wrong with the place you live. You can go anywhere – still your pets will clobbered, injured, die etc – what you have to remember is that you mind this far, far more than they do and while you are reaching for a box of tissues for your eyes they are happily getting on with their expansion. I’ve lost many pets, one of my loveliest dogs died last year in labour and dumb ole me didn’t even realize she was pregnant.

I don’t have any connection to Polar Bear – I reckon he has been taken – he is alive but is a victim of his own beauty and has been swiped for onward sale. He will go to a good home, he is just unwittingly helping someone make a few bucks. I wouldn’t worry about him but I’m sorry he is taken from you – it’s still theft no matter what way you dress it up and it’s not fair, but Polar Bear is fine and that’s kind of all that matters to Polar Bear. Of all the domesticated breeds cats are the most philosophical about change and adapt quickly and independently, dogs have evolved more human like tendencies and domestic breeds don’t relocate so readily to new owners.

So Joan, keep enjoying your furry friends, keep a box of tissues handy for all the things that can and sometimes do go wrong but remember they only make a transition to non-physical and from their perspective, even though they are deeply appreciative of the time they spend with humans, you are kind of on your own with the tissue box! But cry away – I still do !
Jeff is not floating or hovering around kind of like a spirit or friendly ghost trying to prevent his loved ones from running out in front of that truck! He made his transition to non –physical because he came with a special intention that was no being fulfilled and while he was smiles on the outside, this missed intention festered away within him and a bit like an elastic band that is stretched too tight, he pinged back to his original non-physical conscious self – he reached his stretch limit if you like and despite his love for those around his intention in coming into physical form would never have moved over to accommodate others wishes, and indeed it didn’t. This would be tough for his immediate family to hear but I get from Jeff it’s fine to tell you and you get what I’m trying to explain – words are always poor in these matters, at best they act as symbols of meaning. From his non-physical perspective Jim is still present to you but you have to tune in to where he is. I use the word ‘tune’ on purpose. The best way I have found of describing communication between physical and non-physical is to think about it like radio frequencies. We physical beings are clunking around in one frequency area while non-physical reality is at another frequency. If you want to listen to your radio to something that is being broadcast on 99.9FM but your dial is set at 85.5Am then, with all the love and good will in the world, you are just not going to hear – the frequencies are too far apart. When you consciously empty and still your mind then your frequencies is free to tune into another – this is really what prayer and meditation and like is all about. When you are feeling good and relaxed and you can get your mind still and peaceful, enjoy a few minutes of that stillness and then chat to Jim in your mind – you will get something back – your mind has to interpret it but you will receive his conscious thought. People too easily think they are playing tricks with themselves but that’s the interpretation part, the source of the energy is non-physical and real. So, in a nut shell, Jim – along with all those who have made their transition to non-physical – is present at a certain frequency area and you have the ability to tune in anytime. That’s all mediums and psychics etc ever actually do. It’s not that we have a gift that others don’t  - it’s just we realize that we have this ability while most others don’t or ignore that they do or are just too understandably damn busy with physical life to have time to give this stuff the slightest thought.

The things you were accustomed to seeing out of the corner of your eye fit into the above. They are your interpretations of non-physical energy that, even if only for a second or so, your mind tunes into.  The non-physical energy connects to your thought frequency because they happen to be close at that split second moment, subconsciously you make an interpretation and you fleetingly catch something. As soon as you notice it, it goes because your thought frequency immediately changes in response to what you have noticed. It sounds daft but to put it another way, you see things when you are not looking and as soon as you see them they are not there anymore! It only makes sense when you deal with these experiences in terms of energy frequencies. The same thing with hearing messages – you interpret and energy that you tap into. The important thing to remember that while the source energy is real the interpretation is entirely yours – that’s why different people have different kinds of experiences all over the globe. A devout Catholic may see an apparition of the Virgin Mary but the Hindu sitting in a temple in Calcutta will experience something very different. Out interpretation of non-physical depends on our religion and culture and life experience. We have to make an interpretation because we are limited in our physical bodies – we only experience life through 3 dimensions whereas non-physical  energy is no restricted by things like dimensions and gravity and thermodynamics and all the other physical laws of the universe. Apart from this we are focused in physical form in a particular time/space reality, non-physical is not restricted by time and space. For all these reasons we have to interpret so that what we experience fits into our time and space and 3 dimensions and also has to transmit to one of our senses – for you it has been sight and hearing.

Joan, I know it may seem a bit heavy but I wanted to give you as much as I can to help you get a good and accurate angle on all these things that will not just help you understand the past but will serve you well for the future too. I hope I have been able to find the right words and images to answer you in a meaningful way. If I have not, then please come back to me and if I can help further then it will be my pleasure to try.

Most importantly please accept my best wishes for a lovely Christmas break and every blessing for a peaceful and healthy New Year.  Enjoy your pets but remember they didn’t come here to behave and have experiences in ways that are supposed to keep you happy! God bless them all but they are little heart breakers – I know only too well. Roy Pierce


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