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My name is Katrina 02/26/1978 and I am going through a divorce with Rachel 07/02/1982. We were married for two years when she told me that she didn't want to be married anymore.  It broke my heart because I didn't expect her to say that.  A few months later after I moved out and started a new life, she came back to me and said that she wanted to fight for our marriage.  I believed her and then a few months later she told me that she could not be monogomous.  I was crushed even more.  

Throughout our entire relationship, I gave and gave and gave her everything she wanted.  I was very established when she met me. I had great credit score, no debt, my car was paid for, I had a great career and I lived in one of the greatest neighborhoods in a beautiful one-bedroom apartment.  Today I'm renting a room in a house in a bad neighborhood, I have no car, my health is failing me probably from stress, my credit is terrible. I've never been a bitter, angry, mad or upset person in life until now.  I feel betrayed, taken advantage of and used by Rachel.  She has the car, her own place, our pets, all of the jewelry and things I bought.  I am left with starting from ground zero.

I am not interested in knowing if she ever loved me or cared about me.  My question is what can I do to bring more positive light and energy back into my life? I work out 6 days a week and I volunteer with at-risk kids but nothing is working to make me feel better.  I'm an honest, hard-working person but this has gotten the best of me.  Please what are you feeling on my behalf...I need help!

Rachel feels like the kind of girl who thrives on one-night stands, they are like long-term relationships to her. She's just interested in the thrill of it all, the rest feels boring to her. So yes, does sound about right what she's done to you - came in like a tornado, whirled around in your life, perhaps given you one hell of a ride too where you felt the need to please her every whim, then left with the chaos behind her... None of this was called love, lust yes... but not love.

So... normally I wouldn't go further, because my profile states only love based readings - this is like a self-help for you Katrina.

You are currently feeling like you've been left out in the cold to die, uncared for and abandoned. Everything that was once safe and secure, poof gone just like that. You feel like everyone no matter what happens always picks up, but you just cannot. You feel wherever you turn, there's this black cloud.

First step you can do Katrina is to forgive Rachel, she entered into your life to teach you a lesson, this lesson was needed for you before REAL LOVE enters into your life. So just find it in your heart, to forgive her and forgive yourself. Then this should lift some off that weight off your shoulders, and start to be optimistic about the present days, the coming days, the coming future.

You see when you are feeling really optimistic (after having dealt with your emotional baggage) then the Universe spies you :) and says to the rest of the Universe... LOOK, there's KATRINA! and she's very happy, let's send some happiness to her :) it's all about RESONATION Katrina. If you continue to hold onto that dark cloud, more darkness will surround you.

Remember in love, there's always a positive exchange of energy, if you find yourself always doing back flips to keep something steady, close the door, respect yourself! for you are worth it too, why should the other person ALWAYS have to TAKE...

I feel in time (when all your emotional baggage has been healed and removed) then I do feel your wish will come true, and you will meet someone very special to you, your True Love.


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