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Psychics/Future LDR.. could it work?


Hi. My name is Jo-Ann, 1994, I'm in a relationship with a guy named Schalk, and I'm moving to Australia next year (currently both staying in South Africa) we have been dating for one and a half years. His birth year is 1994.
My question is if we continue our relationship into a LDR will we be united in the future in to possibly living together?

So things are clearly changing and transforming between the both of you. Think Jo-Ann whether you really love Schalk as to whether you want him to be a part of your life, or was it just because he was there in SA with you that made him a prospective boyfriend? So things in your life are moving faster than you had initially anticipated Jo-Ann, but is Schalk moving with you? Only you can really decide the outcome for this - you sow the seeds, and you harvest them later. Be honest in your communications with Schalk to see where you want him and you to go (if anywhere). Right now it feels Schalk is happy to be anywhere... he doesn't feel confined to SA (and this could very well be good for you, if you really make the effort for it to be)


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