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My Grandmother passed away when I was 23. I am now 35. I loved her dearly and feel like she hangs around me quite often. Only I can't hear her. I would like to know if she has anything to say to me and I want to know why she keeps choosing to hang around me so much as we have a large family. My Mother/her daughter misses her dearly as well. My grandmothers name was Suella. But her husband (my passed over Grandfather would call her "Red") because of her hair.  If you need anything else let me know and thank you.

Hello Robin, I must apologise for taking so long to reply. For some reason your question went from my inbox and I was actually worried I had inadvertantly deleted it. The AllExperts site is very good and well managed but there are a few things that are a bit restrictive and it can be hard to find someone again - fortunately I got your question back without having to go to the support team. Anyway, thank you for contacting me. Four weeks ago I lost my own grandmother, although she was 86 she was quite healthy and fit so it was a shock to us becuase she got a little bit sick and died within days. I know very well how you feel.

To answer your question we need to go behind the scenes, so to speak, and get a general picture of how things work, then you can see your own experience in the light of this. I love your description of your grandmother chooing to hang around and she likes it too but, in truth, we need to find a more accurate way to get an good angle on this.

You seem to have accepted that there is life beyond stomping around on this planet so I won't waste yout time by going into all of that. We do need to look at things in terms of energy though. There is physical energy which is the stuff of the universe from one celled ameba in the ocean to us to entire galaxies. Then there is non-physical energy - better described as non-physical conscious thought. This conscious thought comes before anything physical. I'm drinking a cup of coffee as I'm tying to you - someone thought about the cup before the cup was ever made into a physical object. Thought precedes form - this is it in a nutshell.

All living things are first and foremost individual, non-physical conscious energies. Energy can express part of itself into a physcial environment as a response to a thought/desire. This is what we call the moment of conception. Non-physical knows the expression is temporary and sure enough, as some stage, the physical form ends and a transition is made from physical energy form returning to non-physical self. This is what we call death, or at least the point of death. Despite all the the hang-ups and dramas we make about death, it is just a moment of transition - a return to non-physical.

To understand the relationship between physical reality and non-physical reality, we need to find a good analogy. The best one I have found to date is that of radio frequencies. We know from physics that all energy vibrates at a certain frequency so the radio analogy seems to be the most user-friendly. Non-physical reality is in a certain range of frequency, physical reality another. When the frequencies get close there can be moments of meaningful communication BUT this communication always, and I mean always, has to be translated by the physical into something understandable in a physcial world limited by 3-dimensions. In physical form we are limited by the laws of the physical universe, things like gravity, thermodynamics, electromagnestism and the like, not to mention the severe restriction of just 3 dimensions. Non-physical is not restricted by any this. When we connect to non-physical we, at a subconscious level and in a split second, have to make a translation of that contact - we have to put it into something or some experience that our minds can actually identify. Without the translation, it really is like trying to put a square peg in a round whole, it just doesn't work. I don't want to stray off the point too much, but this is why there is such a huge variety of paranormal experience throughout the world - contact with non-physical is always a subjective and personal interpretation. Someone bought up in the Catholic religion is much more likely to see an apparition of say the Virgin Mary but the Hindhu meditating in a temple in Calcutta will not, he will experience something different - an interpretation according to his own cultural frame of reference. The truth is all these expereinces are valid in that they are a result of contact with non-physical reality but they are all interpretations too, it's not the case that any one thing is more real or true than another. UFO's also fit into this area since experiences began in the 1940's.

Anyway, let's get back to your lovely Grandmother. She is not hanging around you in the sense of lurking over your shoulder or hovering around like some guardian angel waiting to push you out the way next time you step out in front of a truck or something. Your grandmother's presence is there as energy that some of you at certain times will tune into and become aware of. It's not eyes watching - you have to try and look at the whole thing in terms of thought frequencies. The frequencies have to be close for a moment of communication. if your radio is tuned to 88.5AM and something is being broadcast at 99.9FM then, with all the best will in the world, you are just not going to hear anything.

Your grandmother is not choosing you specifically, she is present to the family but you are the one whose mind most easily shifts to the frequency area where she is, you get a communictaion, your mind interprets it - but not audibly - and normally as soon as you check into your mind thinks about it, the frequnecy is lost and the experience is gone. This is why people suddenly feel things and catch glimpses of things out of the corner of their eye etc. That's what's happeing with you and your grandmother. Others in the family could easily be more rooted in their physical environment than you are - nothing wrong with this - but whatever the reason is, your mind before the others, is most able to tune in - even though you do not consciously do it.

Your grandmother has nothing specific to say to you in terms of she is trying to contact you. Again, she is always present and you tune in sometimes - this is all that is happening. What your grandmother would love you to feel is the joy of your own eternal nature and a deep appreciation for all the experiences you have in life - even the unwanted ones - this thing your grandmother would especially love you to get, that unwanted experiences are to be appreciated also - they are the crytalisers of your desire - they help you to fully know your desires and preferences - it doesn't matter what they are, don't factor in others - your grandmother says - what matters is that you know and fulfil your desires without worrying about what this one or that one thinks. Get this and you will be flying. You are free enough to choose the bondage of other people's opinions, your grandmother encourages you in the opposite direction - use your life experiences to help you sift and come to unique and totally peronal preferences.

I was wondering if your grandmother thought it appropriate to share this with other members of the family but it's not the right time. There will be a time when your Mum will be able to hear what you are reading now so you can grab the opportunity - you will recognise it when it comes - let it come, don't try and engineer it.

I hope I have been able to help you get a more accurate angle on the relationship between physcial and non-physical in general and the relationship between you and your grandmother in particular. If you feel I may be able to help you further please come back to me and it will be my pleasure to try. Please accept my very best wishes for a lovely Christmas break and a peaceful and healthy 2013 for you and your family.  Roy Pierce  


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