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My grandpa died on congestive heart failure 7 years ago when i was only in grade school. He didnt get to watch me grow up. I want to know if hes watching over me and my family and how hes doing. I want to let him know i still think about him all the time and i still love him.

Hello Maddie, thank you for contacting me. Sorry I'm a bit late replying - these days before Christmas just seem to fly - I always want to turn the clock back!

I'm going to ask your grandpa to guide me to answer you. My job is just to keep up with the typing and try not to make too many spelling mistakes :-) If your grandpa is speaking then 'I' will be used, if it's me talking then 'he' will be used - hope it's not too confusing.

Don't ever smoke - that's the first thing that comes through. I already can tell your grandpa has a great sense of humour. I never missed anything of your growing up - just becuase I don;t have eyes that doesn;t mean I wasn't there - in fact, form where I am now I was more rpesent to you growing up than if I were physcially present to you. The only difference is that you don;t have access to me in a physcial form but honestly my darling, that is really not such a big deal, when I died I realised what the moment of death is and it's so different from how most people in physcial form imagine it - if people knew what death is then there would be no fear or sadness around it all. I am present to you as non-physical conscious thought and my consciousness connects with yours in many ways - especially when you feel your best - like you are firing on all cylinders and buzzing with life and eager for more. When you feel like this you are closest to where I am always and where you will be also when you make your transition to non-physical after many many more years of wonderful life experience in your body - a body that will serve you well for most of your life. You have so much to appreciate and the more you appreciate the more your life will fly whereas others around will appear stuck and lost. You can do something that I didn't - which is why my internal organs misbehaved me into making my transition to non-physical - the thing is this - if there is ever a key to life Maddie my dear then it is this - those people and situations that crop up in your life that are unwanted or undesired or unpleasing to you can be appreciated just as much as the experiences that do please you. The undesired things in your life will alone help you clarify what your true desire and prerfences are for your life. If you can get this and feel appreciation for the unwanted and not be like others who would rant, cry, complain etc- then you will have a life experience far more wonderful than anything that you can currently imagine. I would love you to get this - I sensed it when I had my physical shoes but I never really got a good angle on it and I worried so much over things about which I had no actual control - I kind of worried myself to point of transition - that silly thing you call death - it is a silly thing Maddie - don't ever let it bother you for a second more than you can help. I will come to you in a dream so please get ready for your dream. Don't worry if you dont remember - thats not the point, the point is you connect closely with the energy that I am and you will wake up buzzing and ready for the world and everything in it - ideas and inspiration will be gushing through you - it wont last but you are ready for this and you will know my presence, my always ready, always steady loving presence in your life. Do I know if you still love me - what do you thin? every drop is as real to me as your hand is infront of your face. I'm with you all the family so you dont' have to wonder about this anymore - we can continue to appreciate each other - you don't need me in a physical lump to see and touch - really you don't, and I was never that content with my body when I had it - I often viewed my body like an enemy rather than a glorious friend - this is another thing I encourage you to do that I didn't. Your good health will depend much on the extent of your friednship with your own body - especially in later years. Get ready for the dream my darling.

I have to say Maddie I enjoyed feeling the connection to your Grandpa and at one stage I really couldn't type fast enough and he was chuckling at me struggling to keep up - he did go easy on me in the end ;-) I lost the last of my grandparents a few weeks ago so  I know well how it can feel when they are not here - like something empty and missing. You can see from your grandpa that this is a very inaccurate way to feel, in fact, as your grandpa beautfully put, they are more present to us from there non-physical perspective. It's a wonderful thing indeed.

I hope I have been able to communicate your Grandpa to you in a meaningful way - words, at best, are symbols and finding the right ones can be a bit hit and miss - I hope I've managed reasonably well and you have understood.

Please accept my very best wishes to you and your family for a very lovely Christmas break and every good wish and blessing for a peaceful and healthy 2013 ahead. It was an absolute pleasure to try and help and I thank you for giving me this opportunity. Roy Pierce  


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