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Hello, my name is christina, I'm 21. I lost my grandmother and my aunt a few months apart 15 years ago, and my grandfather 11 years ago. I never got to say goodbye to them, but I talk to them often. I was just wondering if they can hear me/are ever with me

thank you for your time

Hello Christina, thank you for contacting me. There is a very simple answer to your question but then I will also explain some of the background as to how I can give the answer.

Quite simply YES they can hear your. But what we need to do is choose more accurate language and this will help you understand more deeply how this can be. They don't have ears as such since they have left their physical forms through which you knew them.
This is why I say we need to get a better bunch of words to really understand what is going on. Words are little more than symbols for ideas and they can be very hit and miss. The first thing I'm doing is asking yuour grandmother and aunt to guide me to choose words that are going to be most meaningful to you. They are going to guide me so I say the right things in the right way to you - all I have to do is keep up my typing speed :-)I'm going to try this dictation but it will mean using the word WE instead of THEY from time to time - don't be confused by this, it's just the difference between them and me communicating to you.

We are non-physical energy and from your physical shoes you are not well able to understand how we are being, how we can be. When we died we made a transition to non-physical reality and realised in the moment of transition - we don't use the word death becuase what you understand death to be is not what we mean dear - that we are eternal beings expanding the unique conscioussness that we naturally are. We are present to you and all the family but we connect on an emotion/thought level, not through hearing and seeing and touching. Thoughts and feelings are like a stage and that's where we are present and can communicate. We know/feel you, we get you, and whenever you are feeling your best, whenever you know your value and have a loving sense of your well-being then you are closest to where we are. From our non-physical perspective, we do not have negative emotion, regret or anything like what you would describe as negative feelings and thoughts, we exist in a state of pure awe and appreciation of all that is and all that is becoming. It is therefore not possible or even desirable for us to join you in any state of negative emotion or feeling, we only ever stand in the place that is you feeling your best and knowing your eternal, creative worth. Our loving presence to you is not effected by anything you do or say, ever. We understand that you came forth into physical form, in a body that largely serves you very well, to explore the vast experiences that physical life has to offer. Your response to those experiences will mean you feel good or bad. Our loving advice to you is not to get caught in a sea of emotions, keep things simple Christine, there are only two groups of emotions despite all the adjectives in all the languages of the world to describe them, there are those thoughts and emotions that make you feel bad and there are those thoughts and emtion that make you feel good. That's all, it really is that simple ..... and feeling good is what is natural to you - that's why feeling bad feels bad - they are chuckling - so we encourage you to never settle for anything less than feeling good, not just good but really good - firing on all cylinders - this is the only thing that is natural to you.
We know your thoughts because they come to us as vibrational frequencies and we can communicate to you through those frequencies that are where we are. Don't take this wrong dear, but it matters not to us whether you acknowledge us, our joy in you is unconditional, we don't want you to spend your lovely physical hours trying to tap into us, we want you to enjoy and sift through your life experiences so that you can come to choices and preferences that best suit you. One thing we can say but you had better not tell your mother and the others - they are saying this with great humour - families are overated, enjoy the best of them my dear but then shake the dust off your shoes when it doesn't work out too well, it's no problem at all - you just shake it off and busy yourself with you and your preferences.
We can communicate to your dear but you will always have to make an interpretation of our communication becuase of the physical dimensions you are restricted by in your physcial form but when you dream it is much closer and more real to our vibration since you are temporarily suspended from the physcial world. We have reached out to you in your dream state but what you feel is a sense of clarity and energy that shows itself in a new idea, an inspired idea. The energy from this is where you have connected to us and others. Those times when you are restless are just moments when you have received energy from us but haven't figured out a translation for it, eventually a thought comes - an inspired thought, and the energy is channeled and the restlessness goes. The times you are restless dear are times of great potential and anticipation, we don't want you to consider your restless a problem or an irritant in any way - it's that moment just before something is created by you - it's a wonderful time of hope, we want you to understand this, we want that you enjoy your restlessness and feel the anticiaption of something new as we indeed do for you. We love that you chat to us but we love you the same when you do not - you enjoying your life experience is all that matters and the more appreciation you feel for everything around you, even the unwanted and undesirable things, the more you will enjoy your life, in fact, in human terms, deep appreciation of all things is the key to life. We would love you to get this and feel it and feel the releif and freedom of being able to negotiate life like this. We are always here dear, we, like you, are eternal.

That's all I have Christina - I kept getting sidetracked a bit by them chuckling - they sure have a great sense of humour going between them, but everything they say is sincere its the atmosphere they create that is one of loving humour.
I'm not going to dare to add anything else to what they have said - your grandmother is powerful soul, your aunt has a more composed kind of spirit -quietly graceful, your grandmother would be the master heckler in any fromt row rally :-)  I enjoyed thier presence enormously and thank you for giving me the opportunity to sense and learn from them. I hope I have been able to choose words that are meangingful to you - I had a niggling feeling that maybe the words were too heavy but I was relying on your grandmother and aunt to let me know - which they didn't ....  so hopefully I have done at least a reasonable job of getting the right words.
Please accept my very best wishes for a lovely Christmas break for you and your family and every blessing for a peaceful and healthy 2013 ahead. Thank you, Roy Pierce  


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