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I have been talking a lot with this guy, Josh (born in 1990), for a while now. He lives 2000 miles away and I am curious if and when we will meet each other. Also, if this will turn into anything other than a chatting relationship.
-Christine (born in 1993)

You will only meet when both of you have taken the time to realize what you are really looking for in both your selves and one another, for now I feel it's just a pass time for chatting, nothing of deep relationship potential, simply to pass away the loneliness and boredom. You both have to consciously accept that this chatting relationship is simply one that was born from boredomness. It might potentially take one whole year before you both really understand this. So potentially you're looking at 2-3 years before this progresses to anything of serious value. But it all stems from introspection within yourselves.


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