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Lyndsay Schaller + 05/21/91 + in a long distance relationship +Joshua + 9/04/93+ 1 year and 1 month been together? and we have met in person

My boyfriend is in England and I live in the United States. We have been in a long distance relationship for 1 year and 1 month today and met online 2 years ago. I love him so much and he loves me and I know I want to marry him someday but we have a lot of obstacles to face and a lot of secrets that we have had to keep to make our relationship work. Will these secrets end up hurting us or will we be able to make it through and be together? He also want to gets married in December or in summer would this be good to do or hurt our relationship? or should we wait till he comes here for university?

Immaturity is what I'm feeling in relation to these secrets, a feeling like both of you are still children and growing. Ask yourself whether it's good to harbor secrets, whether it helps your growth process in any way? or does it hinder it? Are these secrets going to bite you one day in the future, living in the present moment not caring whether you're being truthful is all okay now, but what happens when it catches up with you in the coming future? What's the rush to get married? Face those obstacles, be truthful, let yourselves grow and be who you are.  


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