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Franchesca (2/2/92) and David (4/4/85). I last talked to David yesterday evening. We are currently in a long distant relationship and things are starting to feel like they are falling apart. I still love david very much but feel as if his love for me is fading, even though he says it is not. We both want the same things for the future but I would like it to be so a lot sooner then he would. We both want children, well paying jobs and marriage. Will we be able to make it though this rough patch or do we call it quits?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

David feels like you're a control freak and wants to maintain his say in the relationship, you're running ahead so fast as if there's some fire to extinguish. Enjoy each moment in the present, if all is meant to be well with you and David it will happen no matter how much you smother him. I feel he does love you Franchesca, but love from a guy's perspective is not immediate wedding bells and children, it's slow and steady just like maturation of wine.  


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