My name is Brandi dob: 7/31/1974 I'm wanting to know if my relationship with Rob dob: 6-16-1975 will become more than friends. We met over a year ago and we dated for about 6mos. he was going through a divorce at the time but we fell for each other and for whatever reasons we ended up breaking up but still continued to be in each others lives, we talk at least every other day and we still see each other on occasion. I know he loves me and he knows that I love him but I'm just wanting to know if we'll be more than just friends. I want a relationship with him, I feel like he's my soulmate. The last time I spoke to him was earlier this evening.

Thank you for your help,

It does feel Brandi that you feel loyal to Rob which is such a sweet and heart-warming feeling to feel :) but remember though that Rob's been through a divorce, and this means that things will take time to develop into full-blown feelings, please do not take this personally - just be who you are, and when Rob feels ready for you, things will happen - don't rush is what I'm strongly feeling, for this is just early days for both of you. Be yourself, take care of yourself, don't sacrifice your needs for his (this is crucial for the health of the relationship, don't be there ALWAYS for him, leave a bit of mystery otherwise he will take you for granted). Rob feels like he's slowly becoming ready for the next phase of his life, a relationship with you... but rushing things has to be from both sides - otherwise you're just looking at a future where there is depression or lots of worry.  


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