My name is Shari and I was born February 3, 1993. This question is in regards to my ex-fiancé, Aaron (June 6, 1992). Aaron and I met online, and dated for only three months before decoding to get engaged. We were both young, and though I realize the decision was probably not best due to the timing, but I have never loved anyone as much as I loved him. Although the relationship ended six months ago, I still hold on to it/the memories of him. The way the relationship ended has always bothered and confused me, and I believe this confusion is what has prevented me from letting go. We met during my freshman year of college. I attended high school in Indiana, but moved to West Virginia for college. For his 20th birthday (which fell during summer break), I made a surprise trip to West Virginia. Everything was great for the first few days, during which we formally announced the engagement to all of our friends and family. His mother threw an absolute fit and kicked me out of the house. He promised that her opinion changed nothing, and that the engagement was still on. However, an hour after leaving his house, he called me, not only to break the engagement, but the relationship as well. He swore up and down his mother had nothing to do with the decision. However, I have always believed differently. Please, help me ease my mind? Why did he leave? Was it his decision or his mothers? Please help! Thanks!


Unfortunatelly you are very much aware of the reason that causeed this brake up and it is his mother . He is child like in his nature and refuse to grow up and in psychology they call it Peter Pen syndrom where someone is an endless child.
you practically born an adult very smart very fast thinker and looking upon the world from intelectual but not practical point of view and you could not help falling for this guy who is a charmer and very snsual being and know how to flatter so nice.
but he refuse to grow up and therefore he allow him mother complete control over his entire decisions in life and she wont let him to far from her control as long as she can.
this is why he backed off.
this is also why he would never be able to be equal partner to you , you are way further and advanced in your brain and skills then he will ever be and having him in your life is like having a baby If you want to have a baby find a mature partner that will know to share your responsibilities with you . if you want to stay with this guy ever his mother should pay you for the baby sitting hours/  


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