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So sorry Serena! Here is the same question, DOB included. I really appreciate this..thank you.

good evening,

My name is Natasha, born 1993. I hope you are doing well and want to thank you in advance for your help! Right now i'm feeling a bit down. I'm not sure why...I feel a bit rejected/not loved. Maybe needy? Anyway, my boyfriend (Wilfredo 1992) of 1 year and a few months is...I'm not sure? Distant? I feel like he doesn't love me as much as before, but he says he needs his time and I need mine. We spend time together but I don't feel that passion we had before. Now he won't mind spending less time with me or sleeping apart and whatnot. I am usually sad because I don't feel as wanted as before. It's strange, but am I being needy or is there something up with him? What can I do about this?

Thank you so much for listening...I really need some advice right now. I don't feel like all is right (maybe just on my side).

Thank you again,


Hmmm yes I can feel where you are at Natasha and it doesn't feel like a good place to be within a relationship, it feels like you are maybe giving up on love - like oh?! is this it! the movies painted a better picture - now you find yourself unable to express what you feel within yourself, if you feel anything at all... Wilfredo is pushing you away because you don't feel like 'the one', in fact he doesn't even know who he is, so he feels the need to just break-up this is why you're feeling so over-whelmed with such unusual feelings. Routine is what your relationship felt like from the very beginning, it wasn't real love to begin with, it was just available - or perhaps you both had karmic lessons to learn from each other - that's all finished - it's time to move on.  


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