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My name is Emily my birthday is March 8th and my previous relationship was with a girl named Helena- her birthday is July 27th. I have been through a lot the past year and I have definitely learned a lot. I'm going to try and briefly describe my relationship with Helena. We met and instantly fell in love, I had been avoiding relationships for a while but there was something beautiful about her. She treated me very well and was very patient with me. She was a total sweetheart and loved me with her whole heart. I was very much in love with her but the fact that she had the ability to hurt me and cause me so much pain was scary. We were also long distance so that was also hard for me. I made a lot of mistakes but she had a hard time forgiving me and I tried to change but she decided to leave me. She began dating someone else and told me that she thinks that "it wasn't our time." And she meant that, I know. Now it is almost 4 months later and she wants nothing to do with me. I write her a letter online every other day but she doesn't know about it. Honestly, all I want to know is if she is truly happy and it is best for me to move on with my love life. That's all, because she is everything to me and I wish she could see how much I have changed and how willing I am to do things differently. Also, she is not a bad person and would never be mean to anyone or intentionally hurt anyone and I want you to know that before you respond. Thank you very much.

Hi Emily and Happy Holidays to you.. Let me first let u know that I am very direct. I feel it's best to be honest and not sugar coat any of my answers .. Now.. I do feel a very strong connection between u and this woman.. And no matter how many other people she has or is involved with she can not stop thinking about you. She does feel that you were a bit immature as she was looking for a life long companion and I feel I was not honest with her and that turned her away. She changed towards you almost overnight! But this goes much deeper than that. Because it seems you just have not had Goodluck in the love area of your life ever.. And if u did it was short lived.. I am feeling strong energies around u and her but its hard for me to put it all together on chat.. If u wish to call me or text me u can do do and we can finish this convo.. 954-665-4452 just please don't give my # out. Thx and Godbless!!


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