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Psychics/Please don't send me to the pool I need YOU!!!


Dear Serena,

I am very impressed with your previous readings and would love for you to give me some kind of clarification on my failing relationship.
My name is Breauna 20 years old born November 20, 1992. My man's name is Kenny born June 18, 1992. We have been together for about 4 years now. This relationship has been no easy task. We have been through unbelievable things together that should have torn us apart. Although we have had all of this time to fix the problems we have, and lord knows we have tried, things just always stay the same. I love Kenny with all my heart and I feel as if I have tried everything to keep us going, but I have run out of ideas. Is it me that's the cause of the problems we have or him? I can never be sure if my obsession with fixing things is the cause of our pain or if his faults are really the problem.

Please help me Serena. I understand that "100% accuracy is not guaranteed", but I have faith that you will be able to help me in some way. Thank you in advance!

I never send anyone to the question pool... I pick up questions from the question pool, would be illogical to send them then.

Okay... so I can feel the love that Kenny has for yourself, but it's interesting Breauna that I don't feel such love towards him from your part. In fact, when I connect to your energies I feel like everything is falling apart, like your Root Chakra doesn't exist, like you have no place to call home, not even with Kenny :( you speak about love Breauna...

There's a story that comes to mind (found on Google somewhere) - one day there was a wife who was wickedly angry at her husband. She was hurting bitterly from years of unmet needs, and disappointment in her husband’s behavior. She dreamed of ways to get back at him, to make him hurt in return. Somebody told her about a very old wise man, who sat atop the nearby mountain. Surely he would have a clever and sinister idea for her. At the suggestion, the woman climbed the mountain and found the wise man.

"Sir," she told him. "All I want to do is to cause heartache for my husband. I don't think he even has feelings, but if he does, I want to hurt them!"

"Aaaaah, of course,” he responded with great empathy. “I will tell you what to do. For the next 2 months, I want you to just pretend that you actually love him. This is just for a short time, and there is no emotion necessary. Just ask yourself often, ‘what *actions* would I take if I loved him?’ and then do those things. Then, come back and see me, and I’ll tell you what to do to hurt him fiercely.”

“Okay,” said the bitter wife. “I guess since it is just for a short time, and no emotion is necessary, I can act like I would if I loved him. Oh, boy!”

In the following weeks, she enacted the plan wholeheartedly. She faithfully acted like she was in love with her husband, and then she returned to the sage on the mount, for the rest of the plan.

“So you followed my advice? Good!” said the wise old man. Ready? Here is what you do next. You climb back down that mountain and you just LEAVE your husband. That’s it. He will be so shocked after your kind actions, that you will break his heart!”

“Leave!” gasped the woman. “I can’t leave now!”

“But why not?” he asked.

“Because…” she began, stunned at her own discovery. “…because now, I love him!”

“Aaaaah, yes.” smiled the sage. “I suppose you do!”...

Back to the reading then, real love isn't an easy road to take - especially when you have a problem of loving who you are Breauna, clearly Kenny loves you - but you don't love you, you don't even feel at home within yourself... find a way to love yourself, then recognizing the love Kenny has for you will be easier. Know that it's easy to fall in lust, but one never falls in love, rather love just happens. If you do feel you want to stay with Kenny, then understand love takes time and patience, nurturing your own garden of love. Not everything is fast as you'd like it to be.


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